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You Damn facts Atom is a barrier designed and constructed to contain the flow of water it is often built in conjunction with a hydroelectric power station to provide electricity Dams are built for purposes such as generating hydroelectricity creating recreational areas minimizing flood risks diverting water for irrigation and providing water for towns and cities The type of dam built in any given situation depends on factors such as the intended purpose environmental considerations available finances in the location Different types of dams include masonry dams embankment dams and arch gravity dams Beavers create their own dams from sticks and mud as protection from predators and also to help provide easy access to food Dams are huge engineering projects that require vast financial resources for example the construction of the e-type poo dam on the border of Brazil and Paraguay completed in 1984 cost around us 20 billion Built along the Colorado River between 1931 and 1936 the Hoover Dam reaches 726 feet in height 221 meters When the Hoover Dam was completed it was both the world’s largest concrete structure and largest hydroelectric power station The Hoover Dam is made of enough concrete to make a two-lane highway from New York to San Francisco, that’s around 4,000 miles 2500 kilometers As of 2010 the tallest dam in the world is Newark dam in Tajikistan Completed in 1980 it reaches 300 metres 984 feet in height Many dam failures have occurred in the past these disasters can cause significant damage and threaten lives In 1889 the failure of the Southfork damn near Johnstown, Pennsylvania USA killed over 2,200 people In 1975 the bank cow dam in China was among many dams that were destroyed after that extreme rains of typhoon Nina it is estimated that between 90,000 and 230,000 lives were lost as a result of the bank cow Dam breaking

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