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Today I am going to talk about how to get
rid of skunks. Now if you found this video, I am going to
assume that you have already diagnosed that you have a skunk problem. And look, we all know the importance of keeping
skunks away from our house, our kids and our pets. So let’s jump right into repellents and how
to keep skunks away from your yard. Ok, so the first thing we want to do is remove
as many sources of food, shelter and water as we can. Now unfortunately, skunks eat such a wide
variety of meals that we are not going to be able to remove every source. But we want to control the ones that we can. And these are going to help aid in the major
skunk repellents that we are going to talk about in a second. Ok, so here are some tips for things that
you can control that will help to get rid of skunks. First off you want to make sure you keep all
your trash in garbage cans with tight fitting lids. This is very important. Next, make sure you don’t feed any of your
pets outside. Other things to think about are compost piles
and birdbaths. Finally, make sure you cover all the openings
around your home and your deck that can provide shelter for skunks. Just do me a big favor and make sure the skunk
is not in there before you batten down the hatches. Ok, so you’ve taken care of all those problems
and you still haven’t been able to get rid of the skunk. This is because their favorite meal lives
in the soil. Skunks love to eat grubs and other subterranean
pests. So let’s get into the ways you can deter this
and we’ll talk about some really really effective skunk repellents. Ok, so I am going to recommend 3 different
products that are going to help you get rid of your skunk problems. These 3 products work in 3 very different
ways, and they work very well together, but don’t feel obligated to run out and buy all
three of them. I’ll give you all the information
and then you can decide what’s best for you. The good news is, all three of them have secondary
uses and secondary repellents. So this isn’t a case of uh where you would
run out and buy this product just to get rid of skunks and then never be able to use it
again. Ok, so the first skunk deterrent I want to
talk about are motion activated flood lights. Now, these aren’t the “end all” repellent
for getting rid of skunks but they are great for night time when the skunks like to feed. So you’ll have something patrolling your backyard
at night while you are asleep. And like we talked about, this has great secondary
deterrents and uses. Um, they are great for security, they are
great for convenience. It’s just an all-around good product to have
on your house. And if you’re not sure which one to get
or where to buy it, I placed a link below this video. Check that out and I’ll show you which one
I like and I use on my own house. Because if you are going to run out and buy
one of these, you are gonna want to get one with good range and that is going to be really
effective for detecting and repelling critters. The next repellent we are going to talk about
are beneficial nematodes. These are organic microscopic worms that you
can introduce to your soil. Uh, sometimes gardeners use these. And what they do is, they get in your soil
and they’ll kill all the larvae of grubs, beetles, fleas and other subterranean organisms. So again, aside from the skunk deterrent benefits,
you’ll also have the benefits of eradicating your yard of grubs, fleas and other damaging
insects and pests. And last but not least, my personal favorite. This is the ultimate method for getting rid
of skunks. This is a motion activated sprinkler that
combines sound and water to repel skunks and other critters from your yard. It has a 120 degree sensor with daytime, nighttime
and 24 hour settings. And not only is this the most effective method
to get rid of skunks, it is just a really really cool device to have. I mean look at it. It looks like something a black ops soldier
would carry around in his backpack. This will detect anything that moves in its
range and send it running away in an instant. And you want to talk about secondary benefits
and uses, this thing will keep everything out of your backyard that you don’t want there. And not only that, but it’s the best babysitter
in the world. Now, we have trampolines and bikes and skateboards
and scooters. And all my kids every want to play with is
this sprinkler. So it’s really cool. The whole family will enjoy it. And like I said, it just a really cool fun
device to have around the house. Like I said before, don’t feel obligated to
run out and buy all three of these deterrents. While they do all work in conjunction with
each other, you may not need all 3 of them. But if you are only going to buy one, this
is my pick. As you can see, I am really excited about
it. This thing has been the most effective. I’ve seen it firsthand. And like I said the secondary benefits are
great. So if you are going to pick one of them, I
highly recommend that you go with this one. So if you want to find out any more about
these 3 repellents, check out the link that I placed below the video. You can get more info there. You can also find out what other consumers
are saying about repellents. And I’ll show you where to get each one for
the cheapest price possible. Ok, so that concludes my video on how to get
rid of skunks. Thanks again for watching and good luck!

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