Learn the Tsunami Bomb 1A Combo Yoyo Trick

In this video I am going to teach you how
to do the trick Tsunami Bomb. It looks like this: “Wavy” Tsunami Bomb starts with the 1.5 Mount. Then we are going to take our throwhand thumb. Put it underneath this top string, and pull
it back as far as we can. So this string is right at the base of my
thumb, and not on the tip of my thumb. Then we are going to swing the yoyo toward
our non throwhand side. We are going to take our opposite hand pointer
finger and underpass over this back string. Then we are going to take the bottom three
fingers on our throwhand and stick them out so that the string leading directly down to
the yoyo is now on the back of all four of our fingers on our throwhand. Then I am going to swing the yoyo over top
toward the throwhand side of my throwhand. I am going to do a Magic Drop-like element. Land it on the string that the yoyo is on. So it goes over my hand and lands back on
the string that the yoyo was just on. Then I can take my opposite hand pointer finger
out, and I am in a Wrist Mount. So you can use just this element as a really
cool way to transition from between a 1.5 mount and a wrist mount. Now from here, I am going to take my opposite
hand pointer finger and underpass the yoyo. Now I am in a wrist mount, just like in Spirit
Bomb. Next I am going to take my opposite hand thumb
and hook it under this string that is coming from my throwhand thumb. Then I am going to take my throwhand and remove
it from the mount. I am in this heart formation. Then I can take my throwhand pointer finger
and put it into the opposite hand side of this heart. Then pass the yoyo over my throwhand pointer
finger. Then I can take my throwhand and put it back
in that loop. I am right back in a wrist mount. Then from here I am going to take my opposite
hand thumb. Put it into the throwhand side of the wrist
mount. Pass the yoyo over top of the thumb, just
like a chopsticks element. Then I am going to hop the yoyo straight up
through this triangle on my throwhand, landing the yoyo back into a trapeze and then I can
perform a bind. Now, if you are having any difficulty with
this trick, we have got some tips for you. The first thing that you might be having difficulty
with is the magic drop. The best way to make sure that this works
more consistently is to really get this back string as far back as you can get it. Maybe even all the way to your throwhand wrist. That is going to make the rejection a little
bit more consistent. Now, the other place that you might be having
difficulty is hopping the yoyo up through this triangle on your throwhand at the end
of the trick. The best way to do that is, number one, make
sure that the triangle is nice and big so the yoyo will fit through it. Secondly you want to raise both hands at about
the same rate. Then you want to take this loop off of your
throwhand and kind of swoop it underneath the yoyo. So I am going to make a C-motion like this,
which gets the loop over the yoyo so that it can land back into the trapeze. And that is Tsunami Bomb.

48 thoughts on “Learn the Tsunami Bomb 1A Combo Yoyo Trick

  1. dope dude
    one question
    why are the start unresponsive tricks like the breakaway so hard?
    or i need more practice

  2. The moment when Jake mention magic drop, "okay I still can't do this trick" lol

  3. YoTricks can you sell some yoyo in malaysia using RM plz and sell it cheap btw my yoyo just broken lastnight its true not lying i will buy one from you plz sell it cheap

  4. Yotricks, first of all, thank you so much for the videos. I have learned Tsunami Bomb and Superflow in about 30 minutes each! Now, I just have to get Locomotion, which I've been attempting for 5 months… Btw, I am playing with a Magicyoyo Stealth, should I switch to a different yoyo if I want to progress more easily?

  5. You have probably been asked this a thousand times. I'm trying to learn the inside loop. I will get 3 or 4 good ones then it always turns into a ufo coming back at me flat. Any pointers you could give me. Thanks Alot…

  6. I just have a question
    Sorry for my english i live in lithuania

  7. In as like, oh sweet, an easy one, then you said, magic drop and my dreams were shattered….

  8. this trick is soooo fun! I just figured out the magic drop part after a couple of days, it's tough.

  9. hey yoyotricks, im trying to bind with the sage, i do exactly what you tell me but it still doesn't work? why isn't it working?

  10. Hey Yotricks, I was wondering if you can do a review on the Ethos yoyo. Me and My Brother Made A deal… I get him the Eken V8S 4K Camera and He buys me the Ethos yoyo, but I wanted to see the play in the yoyo.

  11. This was really easy to learn took me 5 min awesome trick and interesting wrist mount alt I also tryed the wrist mount to spirit bomb ? I'm sure it will be a sceptical

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  13. I've been going through so many of your tricks lately and I haven't learned a single one. Am I disabled?

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