LED Flickering In Video Recording SIRS-E

Do you ever wonder why LED flickering happens
in video recording? Hey guys this is Martin from SIRS-Electronic
here. And today I wanted to talk to you about the
main concerns and fears that a lot of installers and people that set up LED systems have. It could go anywhere from, you know, questions
about the installation to problems that are rising in the installation and things like
that. Today I want to talk to you about the concern
when it comes to video flickering whenever you are recording LED setups. You may have a stage setup or some sort of
church setup where you do high definition video recording. And usually if you are not using the proper
driver you are going to get flicker in the camera from the LEDs. And the reason the flicker happens is because
of the refresh rate of the driver may not be greater than the refresh rate of the camera. So if the refresh rate on the drivers is less
than the cameras you are going to see flicker happen. Alright here I have select two of our LED
driver model. We got the LED-CON2 which is our original
LED driver. And we have our new version of the LED-CON2
which is called the LED-CON2-R2. They are both very similar. But one of them has a really high refresh
rate is a 5.2 KHz as opposed to the original LED-CON2 which the refresh rate is a lot lower. The LED-CON2 still is a great product, as
long as you are not going to be using it in the video setup so you don’t get that flicker
out of it. But if there is not going to be any video
recording or anything like that. You know you can still use LED-CON2. But for those of you guys that are going to
be doing video installations some things like that the LED-CON2-R2 is the best. Here we have two 5050 RGB strips connected. One is connected to the LED-CON2-R2 and the
other one is connected to the regular LED-CON2. They are both running in the same DMX mixer
and the same power supply, everything is the same here; the only thing that changes are
the drivers. So I’m going to go ahead and power them
up for you so you could see here on the video, you’ll see the flicker happen. So, again this one on this side is connected
regular LED-CON2 and on this side is connected to the new LED-CON2-R2. So let me power them up. And right there you
should be seeing the flicker going on this one. And as you see this one as steady as it could
be, no flicker at all no issues what so ever. You know, and if you change the colors, you
could actually see it a little bit better. I’m not exactly sure how it’s looking
right now but you can definitely tell. That one of them flickers and one of them
doesn’t. So that’s pretty much all there is to it. If you guys have any questions or comments. Just go ahead and drop us a comment there
on the comment box. You can also send us an e-mail at [email protected] That’s pretty much it, I hope you guys enjoyed
this video. Thank You for Watching!

10 thoughts on “LED Flickering In Video Recording SIRS-E

  1. thank you very much informative, my question to you is why am i seeing it with the naked eye. in my setup it almost see me as if its "strobing". in fact after looking at it after a while it nearly gives me a headache but its really hard to focus on it almost like an illusion. i imagine it must be my power source in some way. anyhow thank you again!

  2. How about dimming the light to its lowest setting? The driver's i have for my rgb and single colors are fine at full brightness. But when cranked down it starts to introduce flicker. does your unit fix this?if so i would be interested in seeing a video

  3. If I get the led dmx driver do I have to get the power supply with it or can I just hook my led strips up to it and power if from the cable I got with the led strips?

  4. Hi thanks for the video. My question is, I have a simple rgb led strip that I use to illuminate video scenes and I don't use any dmx controller. It's a simple plug&play RGB led strip, but Iwant to remove flickering what acessorie I need? Thank you

  5. A quick question. Do these things apply on battery powered LEDs? I was planing to use LED flashlights for some macro video. So i wonder is there anything i need to pay attention to when buying. For example my LED light on the phone does not flicker. Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. hello! I bought 5m led strip online with 100-240vac 50/60hz .output 12v 2A adaptor . the strip will work fine but after 10 or 15 or or the light on it start flickering. What's the problem ?

  7. I have ADJ RGBA Megabars and have that flickering problem on my videos. Would your driver be of any use to solve that flickering ?

  8. Could you pls use slow motion mode or use a very short exposure on your camera so we can see how much the better best controller flicker.

    I want a flicker-free one cuz i get a headache and get tired then it does flicker, and in general flicker is very bad for everyone.

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