LED Fog Lights VS Halogen Fog Lights

hey guys, I’m gonna changing my fog light
with this product, this is H11 oxbeam X-series if you want to change your fog light
or head light the first thing you wanna do is
find out which size your car is using there’s many like H1, H4, H7 and so on they have 1 year warranty unless it’s caused by human error, or flood
that’s seems fair.. and it’s also different for head light and fog light so you don’t wanna buy the wrong size my car is H4 for headlight
and H11 for fog light and also check the manual or look in the cable
that’s connecting to the bulb from your car there’s also a limit to how much watt
you can use for each bulb this car is 35 watt for each fog light
and this oxbeam is 25watt for each bulb so no worries OK let’s get to it, you can turn your
wheel inwards to make better access remove this black plastic pop, 2 on this side
and 2 under the bumper there’s a clip you can push to pull out the wire and then turn the light counter clockwise and put this plus and minus mark
align top of the wire before you put it in the socket try turning it on first nice, just plug and play
you don’t need a professional to do this and make sure the 3 tabs spaced evenly apart
around the base to lock it in place and turn it clockwise this is a lot brighter,
and almost cover up the halogen side also has a very nice cut off really makes a difference the beam also shoot much farther
and wider than the halogen it really cover up the halogen beam this is a really good light just for a fog light maybe next time I should try
oxbeam for headlight? this is really good if you guys interested
you can check the links below thanks for watching

12 thoughts on “LED Fog Lights VS Halogen Fog Lights

  1. user laen pada ngeborong ngetes barang dari bang ALI, agan satu ini maennya ebay / US 😀

  2. Pls dont use these led bulbs , they have very Bad pattern And not focusing correctly espacially for headligts.

  3. These china made active led bulbs or bulbs with built-in fans do not really last long. Aside from causing dangerous glare to oncoming motorists.

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