LED Lights Royal Enfield | fog lights vs driving lights | Aftermarket led lights

Hello YouTube Welcome to my channel Budding
Biker So in this short video I am gonna tell you the performance of my
new LED Lights And how effective they are in the night Aaaah!! I am eagerly waiting for Sun to set !!!! So this is the positioning of my LED Lights And this is how it works… So on the left hand side you can see my LED
lights on And on the right side you can see my high
beam On right hand side I have switched it to low
beam So please checkout the comparison on ride while I give some product information Single housing of these lights Consists of 6 LED lights of 3 Watts each So the single housing corresponds to 18 Watts I bought this from Amazon to Rs. 1400 a pair
with its switch Product Links for LED lights & Switch are
given in the description box below Please do check that Thank you guys for watching this video If you enjoyed this video and liked my LED
lights Please hit Like button.. If you have any suggestion please right down
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such videos Thank you guys , Thanks a lot…

23 thoughts on “LED Lights Royal Enfield | fog lights vs driving lights | Aftermarket led lights

  1. hello bro , I m fitted same light last 4 days , I have isshue with that my bike doesnt self start I have all kind of electric ishue like indicator , horn, headlight , my battery doesn't give proper backup wat I do??

  2. Hi. That was nice review. Wanted your suggestion. Which one is better ? The one you have showed in this video or 9D focus LED 27W. I have attached the link below.


  3. I have got tb350 but today it stopped while driving in traffic.. every 1 km I had to open the tank lid , only after that it would start and go for another 1 km. This continued for 20 Km till I reached home please help.. bike is brand new

  4. I recently got a pair of round led lights housing 9 led lights which is 27 watts each.I paid 1k for the pair on Amazon.in..i had an additional expense for installing of 100/- for clamps wiring and switches and 100/- for accessories…so in total 1200/- including installation.I have an led installed in the main headlamp aswell the combined lights are awesome..i just keep the auxiliary lights turned slightly downward so as to not blind oncoming traffic.

  5. Don't these led harm the battery of the bike???when u run it for a long time

  6. any side effects on the electrical system of the bike?

  7. I have these lights too on my Duke 200. Bought them for 950 and did installation and wiring myself. Right now I have no headlight on my bike. How much does the headlight of your Thunderbird cost?

  8. bro can u show me how u mounted this lights on ur beast. waiting fr ur rply

  9. From where can I get these lights installed in my avenger ?? I stay in Panvel ….any reliable mechanic ?

  10. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Led-Car-External-Headlight-15W-1800LM-8-85V-Motorcycle-Fog-DRL-Headlamp-Spotlight-Hunting-Driving-Light/1473227_32625866621.html?spm=2114.12010610.0.0.BHwxv9

  11. Please someone help me. As per amazon this led lights are not suitable for classic 350. Is that true?

  12. Hi, it seems that, other then installing the extra LED lights , you have also changed the main headlamp bulb to LED. Is it so, if yes then can you please share the specs of the bulb. In case you have changed the whole assembly of Headlamp, then please share the URL for the headlamp also (where you bought it from). Thanks

  13. These same led for 470 rs a pair kisi ko lena h to call 9818244811

  14. Hi. Thanks for the video and the lights are really effective. I also have a TB. Can u let me know from where did u get the metal strip to install LED lights besides the ehad light

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