LED Portable Light Towers the 5 reasons to choose HiLight H5+ for industries of building Atlas Copco

We have just landed the H5+ that has received the Red Dot design award so we would like to share some of our
experiences with you Our customers particularly like the
environmental credentials that our products offer which also save them
money. The diesel engine in the H5+ offers best-in-class fuel economy Using only half a litter of fuel per hour, the light can be run without refueling for 220
hours. In addition the compact footprint means we can get up to 10 units on a standard 13 meter truck and our enhanced service
intervals mean that service is only required once every 500 hours You can see that the design is compact
and robust and yet remains lightweight meaning it can be towed behind any
standard car. The LED lights have also been designed to ensure maximum light coverage whilst reducing any wastage and the light brightness that our customers have reported has been a real focal point of their feedback. The H5+ and other light towers in our range have a photo cell which means as daylight fades, the unit automatically starts and raises the mast and the reverse as daylight
increases We also have a 7-day programmable timer which means we can program multiple stops and starts at predetermined dates and times meaning full autonomy and control even in the most remote locations. The LED lights have been designed to ensure maximum coverage and reduce any wastage. The brightness that our lights give is been a real focal point of the feedback
that our customers have given us

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