LED Security Floodlights from Lithonia Lighting

With LED Floodlights from Lithonia Lighting,
the instruction manual and all mounting hardware is included in the box. There is no need to
purchase extra bulbs. Before installation, turn off the power at the circuit breaker
box. LED Floodlights easily install directly to a junction box on a wall or eave, the only
tools you will need other than a ladder are a screwdriver and silicon caulking. If you
have a three head fixture attach the mounting bracket to the junction box. Before wiring
the fixture, please consult the manual for wiring instructions. Once you are finished
wiring the fixture, place it onto the mounting bracket. Using the supplied screws, tighten
the fixture to the mounting bracket. If you purchase the two head fixture, attach the
crossbar to the junction box. Tighten the fixture to the crossbar and install the rubber
screw holder. Loosen the torsion screws to aim the heads and then tighten the lock into
place. Aim the fixture heads in a direction that reduces shadow areas around the house.
Remember not to point them in your neighbors windows. If your fixture has a motion detector,
you will need to aim it and adjust the settings. Start by turning the on-time knob fully counterclockwise
to test. Turn the sensitivity to motion knob fully clockwise for greatest sensitivity.
Make sure the controls are facing the ground and the wall switches are on. Now aim the
head downward. The motion detector can see above the hood light so aim the head lower
than you think you will need. Walk in the area to be tested, when your motion is detected,
the lights will come on. Move to a different spot in the area to be tested and wait for
the lights to turn off. Start walking again to see if your motion is detected in the new
spot. Repeat the walk test in other spots to determine the coverage area. When you are
satisfied with the area of coverage, turn the on-time knob clockwise away from test
to set how long you would like the fixture to stay on after motion is detected. It can
be set for up to 10 minutes. You can also adjust the sensitivity to motion. After you
have installed your fixture and tested it thoroughly, apply silicon caulking to seal
out moisture.

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