LED Softbox Lighting Kit Review — StudioPRO Softbox Lighting for Video

74 thoughts on “LED Softbox Lighting Kit Review — StudioPRO Softbox Lighting for Video

  1. I'd love to have this one! Thanks for the honest review, Sean! Currently using just the normal light from the sun hehe it's good but I cannot film at night huhu. Anyway, another great review! ?❤?

  2. I just got the BOYA microphone that you put in a review on another video and love it. So happy with it, that i will defiantly be getting the these softbox lighting now. As always great advice, learning so much from your videos. thank you i am a big fan

  3. I jus purchased a lighting kit for my videos for $50 on Amazon. Lighting is super important for filming.

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  5. I shoot with the light from my ceiling fan. I found the perfect angle to stand where my whole face is equally lit and there is minimal shadow. I will be purchasing the limostudio umbrella lighting kit real soon so i can film anywhere in my room. Thanks for the great videos!

  6. awesome video. those lights look amazing. Do you have a video with budget soft box lighting?

  7. HI Sean I'm on a very tight budget and I'm in need of some lighting that is budget friendly for my YouTube videos. Can you give me some suggestions? Thank you very much

  8. I'm currently using a limo studio soft box lighting kit. 6500 daylight bulbs. they are great lights bit I have to be careful because the brightness bothers my eyes. Does anyone else have this issue?

  9. When we start a channel on YouTube how does YouTube give us money please tell !

  10. Nice Video. You always make very good videos. It is always useful. Keep up the good work.

  11. hey Sean! We are on tight budget, and was hoping you could give us some tips on how to improve ou videos, as you can see from our videos, our lighting isn't great, is there anything you recommend? Great video and review! Cheers!


  13. Hey guys my dad said if I get to 150 subs he will quit smoking please help me and just sub

  14. I have natural lighting my room is too small for a big lighting kit

  15. I use the canadian Studio light kit. its simple but has some sweet results. I didn't know how to use them for a while, but i am getting better at light control. keep crushing it my fellow YouTubers!

  16. I've just started working on getting my own gear, I used my school's gear up to this point. I'm saving up to get some nice gear. Currently I'm just 2 surprising bright led desk lamps. and a small hot shoe neweer light

  17. I wish lights like this were like half the price, just way too expensive for my budget 🙁 One day!

  18. I am using Godox 1000c LED (bi-color). I Love it. I am using the LED with the diffuser.

  19. Hey great video,And you do not ever use camera Canon 70d??What light do you use now in your camera?

  20. Sean, I was wondering if you tell me what's the best light to shoot at night and day, or can I just use the same light. As of right now I'm using the Umbrella Kit 600W Day Light by LimoStudio.
    Thank you !

  21. currently i use one 14 watts LED light for shoot video indoor that look good but i think i should use 2 14 watts lights for make more clear video, that light come under 6$ and give result almost same as light you use in this video…… 🙂

  22. Great review! Love the format of the video! Standing rather than sitting gave it a different feel!

  23. Hey Sean, my current lighting is with the Neewer lights you recommended in your lighting video. They have been awesome so far. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  24. I have been using the LimoStudio lights and I have loved them. Great price for 2 lights with soft boxes.

  25. Thanks for 3 lighting setup examples that you did towards the end of the video Sean! I bought the StudioPro Bi Color lights after watching your video on them and will be using your affiliate links again to buy the diffusers 🙂

  26. Hi Sean! I wonder if th arkon smartphone tripod, techo 2 in 1 wide angle & macro, takstar sgc-598 is a good smartphone setup?

  27. yo think media. is it possible to have to much light? what would the outcome be with too much fake light.

  28. hey sean…….i'm planning on making a youtube channel for reviewing stuff but i absouloutly have no budget and i'd likke you to make a video on how to get free stuff…….byt that amazon one didnt help me at all.

  29. I'm just using natural daylight it still looks amazing

  30. I use a diva ring light from limo studios. Maybe you can compare diva ring lights too?

  31. Hello, may you please test out the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ72? I want to see a professionals opinion.

  32. Nice video! i uploaded video DIY SOFTBOX under 15$, please check it out! 🙂

  33. Hi, Sean. I sit at an L-shaped desk and I'm facing a corner. Do you have any lighting suggestions for someone who would basically need to put a light on each side of them and one in front of me behind my computer screen? I've tried multiple solutions and I keep getting a washed out look.

  34. Hi Sean I am just getting started as a content creator.You my man are crushing. You provide easy to understand content and are doing it with flair.Thanks for the info.

  35. Yo! I'm using two 500w lightbulbs on tripods and white umbrellas to diffuse the light. I can add dimmers to get the right intensity. Question….What dimmable lightbulbs would you recommend? Some lightbulbs generate sound when dimmed.

  36. I've been using a set of the studio pro 7 bulb soft boxes, and a set of the 5 bulb softboxes. Often when I'm doing small room, short videos i'll only use 1 5 bulb softbox. But I often shoot in a larger room with black walls, and have to use 2 of the 7 bulb and 1 of the 5 bulb. I don't have the space to keep my lights set up, and i've hated having to set them up each time. It can take over an hour to unpack and set up just the lights, and another hour to pack it all away. So after 2 years, I'm strongly considering getting a set of the LED panel lights with the soft boxes on them. Because my god. I don't want to waste so many hours on set up when i could be filming. So thank you for doing a review on each of what I was looking to buy. I'll probably order them tomorrow.

  37. Hi Sean great video. I've been using the interfit ex-250 for the last ten years. Currently looking for a new softbox lighting kit. I like your review, thanks.

  38. Thanks for the review Sean! I picked up the same light kit and I am looking to do some green screen work. Even with the diffuser that comes with the light kit I still feel like there is a hard spot on the green screen. Would these softboxes eliminate that problem? I am trying to get a big even light on my green screen in a small space.

  39. Hi Sean I currently use two light kits booth are with soft boxes the first one is a 3 light kit that uses a single standard bulb socket which will take max of 500 the other is a 2 light kit that uses 4 CFL bulbs of 45 watts per bulb they are booth good but for my outside shoots they are sometimes not the best i have been considering some stronger ones for out side shoots any suggestions.

  40. This was so in depth! I've been battling between purchasing softboxes or led panels & thanks to this video you showed that the led with diffusers gives off the same kind of light as a softbox. But what about for 3 point lighting, for a hair/overhead light would you suggest an led with no diffuser or with a diffuser? Is this setup good for mimicking daylight if you're recording in a studio that is not well lit? Lastly, I already have a ring light..will a 3 point LED be a good addition or would it replace my ring light! Thanks again!

  41. Just wanted to say thx again for all your tutorials….extremely helpful for a woman who feels intimated starting in this industry….especially being so terribly technically challenged lol- luvyuguys 🙂

  42. I've had a set of those Studio Pro lights for a few years. I love them. But ive been wanting some solid diffusion for them. Im so glad they've got these now.

  43. Hey i had aquestion. This is open to anyone to answer. I bought a softbox and it did not come with the diffuser panel. I want to know where i could get one. The place where i bought it said they no longer sell that model.

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