LED Spot Light Chip

I was out and about at some electronic shops this morning and found this thing It’s a module that goes in an LED spotlight And as you can see it’s not much bigger than the end of my finger. It is 10 watts it produces the tremendous amount of light, I will show you that in a second Right now it is just under 7 volts. It is a 3×3 matrix of 9 LEDs in there It is sitting on an aluminum, but it needs a bigger heatsink so I can’t run at full power it’s really pretty awesome. For something that is not much bigger than the end of your finger
it produces a lot of light What I’m thinking about doing is;
I’ve gotten darker areas in the center part of the house, where there’s no natural lighting and what I’d like to do is used something like this in those areas and connect it to a solar panel so that when the sun comes up in the morning the lite grows naturally along with the natural lighting in the
house from the windows So that the whole house comes up in a natural way And of course when the sun goes down the lighting will go down also in a natural way. That’s my thought and because they’re so small you can hide them in places you could never hide a lightbulb. I’m trying to figure out a clever way to bury them in the house where they’re
not noticable One just sees the lighting going up and down. That’s the concept. I will keep you up to date on that as I go along. Also notice I wrote on here it’s 9 to 11 volts I was surprised, it’s supposedly rated at 12 volts but the specs say 11 volts max and again it requires a heatsink which I don’t have so I can’t run it a full power I can run it close, but only very quickly and have to shut it off It’s just uncer 7 volts right now, let’s crank it up to 8 and you can start to see what happens. There’s just right at 8 volts and you can see it start to get really bright Kind of freaks the camera out Get up to 9 and you can definitely see it getting brighter there’s nine, starting to get warm Crank it up like 9.5, yes, getting really warm Here’s 10, getting really hot. Got to shut it down. That’s a lot of light from that little chip and it is still 1 volt under the maximum power. That’s about it for my my little toy for the the week. Again part of my project to add some pseudo-natural lighting to the house I hope you found it interesting I sure
did and and I’ll keep you up on the project as it goes along

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