LED Track Lighting Introduce Apperance Function Application

HELLO, everybody, this is Shirley from Yifond lighting company, I am very happy to see you all again. Today I will introduce a part of Yifond lighting company led lights, its designed especially for showcase appications, it is designed for a variety of applications; from cabinets, to showcase, your local supermarket, to retail outlets, even museums and as you can see, a wide range of uses, as many uses as you can imagine. See how we can adjust the projection angle of light to follow one’s inclinations, with both the decorative lighting and function lighting. Black and white classical colour, you can make it to suit any style place, which can be directly installed and fixed can also be adjust the position and angle Can you guess what are these amazing & flexible lights? Yes, today I bring you is Yifond lighting company’s AR111 lights and led track lights. Yifond lighting company led track light with high color rendering index, reduction products real colour, can make the colour more delicate. Lamp cover with high strength, high transparency, Scratch resistant tempered glass, lamp shade sealing good, anti – rain, light body heat dissipation an excellent, aluminium shell with strong convection cooling design, reasonable balance lamp body performance, 360degree large angle random rotation, integrated high quality power to make any product more attractive to your customer. Yifond Lighting company 15W led track lights, available instead of 40W energy-saving lamps, 100W incandescent lamp, for every 4 hours of use, a year 365 days, will be only consume 22 degree power. Yifond lighting company led lights, is not only save your electricity bill, but also for the protection of our environment. The led track light is made of three parts the track rail the base and the lamp body. Track rail with two pure copper, contact with the track of copper, then available with electricity, after installation can adjust the position and angle of projection. The installation is very convenient, let us have a look the installation process Do you think the effect is wonderful? Did you like this video? If so, please subscribe to our video channel and I will be very grateful, of course, if you recommend this channel to your friends. If you have any ideas or suggestions on something you think I should or you’d like me to make, please send them to Yifond Lighting Limited. Stay on the ball and keep going strongly for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift, that only you can give. Yifond Lighting led lights, lighting your life. dream your life. Thank you so much for watching and see you next time on Shirley Fang’s video channel. Take care of yourselves, see you next time. bye bye.

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