Lego City Update March 2020: Flooded tunnel

Hello Lego video viewers and welcome to yet another Lego-city-update for BRICKOSTAN. Brickostan is small independent city-state that recently got an economic boom. That’s why new building projects appear all the time. Only a few things have changed since last update – the tramline got extended and a road tunnel got build – or at least the tunnel entrance. It looks like we have two Emmets that’s working on some water pipes. Maybe they screwed up and got the new road tunnel flooded! Here at the new tunnel entrance a couple of Emmets try to fix the flooded tunnel. But the Emmets here aren’t that clever. They’ve just started pumping water from the flooded tunnel out into the streets. So now the street and tramline start to get flooded! Another change in the city is that the tramline is now connected to the main railroad line in both ends. BRICKOSTAN! A good way to see the progress of the urban development in Brickostan is to take a ride on the train. BRICKOSTAN! I hope you enjoyed this small update from Brickostan – and that you come again for the next update. Bye for now.

8 thoughts on “Lego City Update March 2020: Flooded tunnel

  1. Man, that’s impressive how you manage to get the rails going on for so long in that space!

  2. Awzum train and Lego City you got there! 😎👏👏👏

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