27 thoughts on “Let The River Run – Boston Gay Men’s Chorus

  1. I love this song and this group performed it just wonderful. My mother was an opera coach and if she was alive now, she would have enjoyed this performance.

  2. なんか、かっこいい中年たちが歌ってるけどこんなのが聞けるなんていい時代になったもんだなあ

  3. Love the arrangement heard this song on the film and spent ages looking for it, before Google. Another choir on YouTube sing it all in unison but this has much more colour because of the way they do it, for me.

  4. Wonderful performance, guys! One of my favorite songs. I love this arrangement.

  5. I love how there's an ASL interpreter! Yay BGMC for making the music accessible!!

  6. This arrangement began like a sleeping pill, aural Valium, as I am afraid way too many pieces chosen by gay men's choruses do. I am glad it finally went somewhere by the end.

    The guys look vaguely terrified. Smile! It's a joyful piece. You're prepared! Let it all out. Transport the audience with you by visibly embodying the joy. See: Craig Hella Johnson's arrangement performed by Conspirare.

    As for all the pink, yeesh! Not my color. Gray?

    (I used to sing with this group in the early 80's).

  7. I belong to my local choir in PA… someday I would like to belong to one as large as this…

  8. Fantastic! Love the key change. Not all choirs work in a key change in their arrangement for this song. Wonderful!

  9. Wow!!!!!!!!! Amazing job guys!!!! I sing in a choir and am trying to talk our choir leader into doing this song but seriously, although it pains me to admit this I think Male harmonies almost work better for this song than any other choir arrangement I've heard. Spine tinglingly fabulous!!!! Best wishes from the UK! Xxx

  10. La nueva Jerusalem, para todos!! Bella voces.. 💙💙

  11. First good choir performance of this I can find, the rest do very weird out of tempo beats

  12. Certainly a great rendition of this music. Love the key changes and the harmony is spot on.

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