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hey guys Charles Watson here founder of
expert influencer Academy and author of the social media checklist available now
on Amazon Kindle and stop me if this sounds familiar
okay you’re just a regular guy you’re just a regular gal maybe you have a
full-time job you and your spouse your partner your life mate you guys are
working busting your butts and you’re getting by and life is okay but you just
wish you had extra I don’t know some extra money in your pocket in your bank
account that would allow you to do things like take a family vacation or
get rid of that jalopy that you’re driving or let you eat filet mignon on a
barbecue every once in a while like nothing extraordinary but you know you
could definitely use an income boost a little bit to just help you get by and
live life a little bit better and kind of enjoy the time that we’ve got here
listen you are not alone we thought the exact same thing and
about six months ago me and my partner Tia
we started on a quest on a journey you know we always saw people that make
millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Internet and
I always thought to myself man if these guys can do it we can do it too but
there was only one problem how in the hell do you do it how do you start so
six months ago we started scouring the internet and looking on YouTube and
searching social media and that’s when we found mentors like Gary Vaynerchuk
Brendan Bouchard Sean Connell Benji Travis Donald Miller like these guys
Seth Godin these influencers and these entrepreneurs that were killing it
whereas Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say crushing it sharing their passions
and sharing what they love and just really living life on their own terms
and you know we’re not greedy like I don’t want to make millions I don’t want
to make hundreds of thousands but dang it if I wouldn’t do well to use like an
extra thousand bucks an extra two thousand dollars in my bank account
every month I mean who wouldn’t want that right so we bought into some
courses and we invested in mentorship and we stumbled upon how these guys are
really building a niche and really generating income for themselves sharing
their passions and sharing what they love with the power of like Amazon
affiliates and Amazon Associates Program and also doing like product reviews and
how-to videos and tutorials on YouTube so we started our two brands our cosplay
brand dishes and stitches and are like we want to teach you brand because
that’s what we’re learning this we’re like man why aren’t more people doing
this like how come the majority of our friends and our entire circle of friends
no one is doing this let’s try it out let’s see how it works and then let’s
share this with our community and let people know to empower people to just
kind of get their message out there you know and our motto is we help you spread
your message build your brand so that you can live a
more impactful inspirational and meaningful life and so I want to invite
you guys to check out our website expert influencer academy.com and specifically
under the courses tab we have two programs that we offer and each program
comes with an introduction video and some free training to kind of pull the
curtain back in this industry and let you realize the power of Amazon
Associates affiliate marketing and doing product reviews tutorials and how-to
videos and then spreading those and building a community across social media
when we started six months ago I’m lie to you I think the first month we
made 45 cents that’s my little puppy I apologize but I can report that six and
a half months into this project we are making right before Christmas an
additional two hundred and seventy five to three hundred dollars a month is what
we’re pulling in right now and that’s money that can pay bills that’s money
that can go towards Christmas that’s money that can go to car repairs we have
one newer car one older car but this is money that can help us out so check out
those two courses the first product is called product review ATM and that comes
with a 40 minute free deep dive training that introduces you into this world and
then the second course we have is called passion into income and that comes with
a free 25 minute training module that kind of welcomes you into the world of
Amazon and video marketing and if you’re interested in this kind of thing because
it’s not for everyone and I understand maybe you don’t want to get involved and
that’s fine we have no expectations here whatsoever it is not for everyone but if
you think you would be interested but you just I mean you know how do you get
started don’t worry about it on our homepage
we have a free like 10 to 15 page guide for you called the entrepreneur biz tool
list and that’s basically a list of all the social media accounts you’re gonna
need accounts like PayPal Infrastructure accounts affiliate accounts things like
that we provide this to you for free and these are all the things that we use in
our brands and it works for us and we know it can work for you just put in
your email there and we will send you that guide free no charge immediately
just for coming to the site and checking it out guys I hope you check us out
expert influencer academy.com it is working for us we are super excited to
keep building this into 2019 we’re putting ourselves into APIs
where we no longer have to punch a time clock it works for us I know it can work
for you guys let’s do this journey together moving forward for 2019
we love to hear success stories so if you check it out or if you purchase the
course from us or anything like that please get in contact with us and let us
know how you’re doing well guys thanks for checking out this video thank you
for your time and we will talk soon

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