Leviton Presents: How to Install Electronic Timer Switches

This video will demonstrate how to install
the Leviton VPT24 Programmable Timer and the Leviton LTB Series Countdown Timer Switches. Please be certain to follow all wiring instructions
and diagrams provided with these products. If you are unsure about any part of the instructions
or if you are not comfortable or familiar with working with electrical wiring, contact
an electrician. When installing and terminating these Leviton
devices, have the following tools on hand: a flathead screwdriver,
a Phillips head screwdriver, electrician’s pliers,
a wire stripper, electrical tape,
a handheld voltage tester, and properly sized wire connectors. This installation takes approximately 15 minutes. The process shown follows general guidelines. Local codes take precedence. Be sure to turn the power off at the circuit
breaker and use a voltage tester to ensure that the
power is completely OFF. Now we need to identify the “Hot” wire. To do this, turn the circuit breaker back
on. Carefully use the voltage tester to test each
wire. The “hot” wire will be indicated by the
tester. Once identified, turn off the circuit breaker
to shut power and test to ensure that the power is off. Use a small piece of electrical tape to label
the “hot” wire. Identify whether the wiring application is
a single-pole or a 3-way application. If the wiring in the wallbox does not resemble
either of these configurations, consult an electrician. We will proceed with a single pole application. Visit YouTube.com/leviton to view a 3-way
installation video including how to wire the matching remote. Note that in this example, there is a black
“Hot” line wire, a black load wire, two white neutral wires and a bare copper wire which is the ground. Keep in mind, the color of the wires can vary,
the hot wire may be black or red. The ground wire could be green or bare copper. If you are unsure, contact an electrician. Next, you need to be sure that the wires are
prepared for installation. These devices are equipped with pigtail leads. Terminating them requires tying them together
to the existing wires coming out of the wall and capping them with wire connectors to secure
together. The ends of the wires on the device have been
prepared so that a small piece of insulation can be easily removed and expose the correct
amount of conductor needed for terminating. With your fingers, pull firmly on this insulation
to remove the pre-stripped section. Next, twist the exposed stranded copper wiring
in a clockwise direction in order to prepare it to be terminated. Twisting it clockwise helps make it easier
to secure with a wire connector. Make sure that the ends of the wires from
the wallbox are straight and stripped approximately 5/8”. If not, you may need to cut them. Connect the green ground lead to the green
or bare copper wire in the wallbox and twist in a clockwise direction. Insert them into a properly sized wire connector
and twist the connector until the conductors bottom out inside and can’t be twisted further. Repeat this step with the line wallbox wire
to the black lead and the load wallbox wire to the red lead. Finally connect the neutral wallbox wire to
the white lead. The wires are now terminated. Note that the Timer Switch Yellow/Red lead
should have Red insulation label affixed. This is only used for 3-way installations. If the insulating label is not affixed, use
electrical tape or a wire connector to cover. Dress the terminated wires with electrical
tape to ensure stability before the device is installed in the wallbox. The device is now terminated. Position all wires to provide room in the
outlet wall box for the device. Ensure that the word “TOP” is facing up
on the device. Partially screw in the mounting screws in
the wall box mounting holes. Restore power at circuit breaker We will now test the device. Press any timer button to turn the load on. If the load does not turn on, refer to the
troubleshooting section of the instruction sheet. Turn off power at the circuit breaker. Tighten mounting screws into wallbox and attach
wallplate. Restore power at the circuit breaker. Your Leviton VPT24 Programmable Timer or Leviton
LTB series Countdown Timer Switch is now ready for use. For more information about the VPT24 Programmable
Timer and the LTB series Countdown Timer Switches from Leviton, visit leviton.com/timers

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  1. When the circuit is on and the wires out of the wall not connected, the hot wire reads approximately 120 Vac. What about the load wire? Should it be no voltage?

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