Light Bar Install – How To Install Bumper Mount Light Bar – Nissan Titan Project

– Hey there Youtube. Donnie Smith here. In this video, I’m going
to show you how to put a light bar on a 2009 Nissan. So I’ve got a package in
the mail from Auxbeam. I’ll put a link down in the description. I ordered some lights. I’ve got a light bar and I’ve
also got some fog lights. In this video, we’re going
to do the light bar that goes down in the bumper and I’ll
show you the steps that I take. First of all, let’s check this out. Make sure it is the light bars. Let’s go ahead and speed
this up a little bit. Kinda want to show you
what comes in the package. You get all your brackets
to hook the light bars up. Of course you get the light bar and it’s really cool looking. You also get the wiring
harness which I’ll show you in a minute. Here’s the other lights, the fog lights, that I’m going to hook up. Pretty cool. Again, this is from Auxbeam
and I’m going to put a link down in the description so
you can learn more about that. I’m really happy with them. Anyway, this is a wire harness. It comes with everything. One end hooks up to
your battery in a ground and the other end hooks up
inside the truck to a switch that turns it off and on. So it has everything you
need when you order this kit. So the first thing I’m
going to do to install this, I’m going to remove the grill. Now there’s four clips up there on top. A couple on the sides
and some on the bottom. Really easy to remove. You just get a flat-head
screwdriver and you twist that clip and they will come out. There’s two on the side
that you’ll have to squeeze with some pliers or something. Squeeze that the clip and then
pull on the grill slightly. And that will come out. Now, a lot of times, you
can see those bottom clips from underneath the grill. You couldn’t on this since I’m
going through the top here. Now, basically, just push in on that clip and use the screwdriver to pry it off. So the bottom clips are
going to stay in the grill and the top clips are staying
on the car, on the pickup. So you get those done. You can take the grill
off and here you can see the different clip mount locations. A couple on the side, four on
the top, three on the bottom. Pretty easy to get the grill off. Here I’m showing you how
you can use the flat blade to twist that and then it will come out. Now here’s something kind of aggravating. Someone put this truck
together at one point and didn’t put all the bolts
in so the headlight’s loose. This truck has obviously
been wrecked before I got it. I hate when I find stuff like that. It kind of aggravates me. We’re just going to test this light bar before we hook it all up
and make sure it works. It does so that’s a good thing. Now, I’m showing you the
brackets, how these teeth line up and how it works. So I’m going to go ahead
and I’m going to install these brackets. Now, I’m not going to get them
tight because I don’t know how I might want to adjust it. I’m not 100% sure where I want
to mount it at this point. I’m still kinda thinking about it. There’s some different
locations you could go depending on what you like. Some people might want to
go on top of the bumper. I’m wanting to go underneath the bumper. My first intention was
that radiator support, that lower part right there, was to mount the light bar to that. But just the way the brackets was designed and the way that lower
grill fits in there, it just didn’t work out the way I wanted. So I decided to mount it
underneath the bumper. There was little problem with
that because where it gets narrow at, that’s where
the light bar mounts at. Right there. I was hoping that it would
mount where it’s wider at so I’d have more room to drill into that. But I went to Ace Hardware
and got a simple bracket like this and now the bolt
that’s on there can bolt into the light bar. And I can drill a hole in
the bumper to mount it. So it worked pretty good. The way I did this, I just got it up there Knew where I wanted it. I marked it. I got a self-centering punch. One of those ones that’s spring-loaded. You just push on it and it pops. It will make a small indention. This is something to just
help seat your drill bit. I did two of those. I went ahead and marked
both of them but I only used that inside one. That one right there’s the only
one I really decided to use. I get a drill and drill it out. It’s pretty simple. That’s
all there is to that. Now we’re getting the light bar
and we’re leaving everything loose until we get it adjusted
where we want just to see how it’s going to fit. We still have to put that lower grill in We’re going to get it in. We’re going to go ahead
and get it bolted up. See if we like it and
see how how it all fits. Got us a little audience now. On the light bar, you’ll
have to put some connections, some electrical connections
to plug into the harness. So we’ll get it all looking good. Now there is a modification
that I’m going to have to do to this grill. That’s those top of the bars there. I’m just going to have to cut those out. Now there’s other ways
you could mount this grill if you’re not wanting to
cut nothing on your vehicle. That’s fine. There’s some other way you could find. This is what I wanted to do. I thought it would look best. Wasn’t my first plan but
this was what we went with. Now we’re just seeing
how it fits in there. We had to take the light bar back out so we could put this in
and mark the locations where we drill the holes. You want the holes for
the grill to line up with the holes in the bumper. We drilled those out. Now we’re putting it back in. Once that’s in, we can
install the light bar. We’re going to bolt down
each side, get it in there. It’s a tight fit. Push down on that bottom
just a little bit. I think it looks really good. I’m happy with the way this looks. Again, you may not like this. You may have another
plan that you’re wanting somewhere you’re to install that. It’s totally up to you. So, of course, we got a bolt
to put back in this headlight because that was driving me crazy. Now just hooking it up to
the harness so that part’s hooked up and we also want
to hook the fog lights in a little bit. We spliced that into the same
line so that when you turn the one switch that we’re
going to have on, it will turn all the lights on. Now we’re just getting the clips. If it was in the vehicle,
you need to take them out. You can just get some
pliers and squeeze on them. Pull them out and then you
can put them in the grill. Then you just get the grill. Once all the clips are
in there, very simple, you line them up and just push on it and the grill pops back in. Very simple grill to remove and install. Okay, now we’re going
to do the fog lights. This just has a clip on the bottom. I’ll show you here in a minute. That right there and it
goes inside that hole, on that bottom of the bumper. Now that hole right there,
that’s what we’re going to use to install the fog lamp. So this is really simple. We’re just taking that out. Going to use the hole that’s already there and mount it there. It comes with all the brackets. These brackets are adjustable, depending on how you want to mount it. We’re going to mount it on that hole and have that bracket facing the bottom. So we’re installing
that, getting it ready. Now we just need to put
the wire through that hole in the back. We’re going to install
that bolt through that hole that the clip uses. Once you get it in, positioned
to where you want it then we can get underneath
and tighten up that nut. Of course, after you get it
all on you’re going to have to do some final adjusting
on your light bars. You might want them aimed a
little higher, a little lower. You’ll have to fine-tune
that a little bit. Okay, so I’ll show you where I
went through the firewall at. Right there. You can see that cable coming through. That’s for the hood release. That’s where I decided to
come through the firewall. So I reached in and I pulled
that rubber grommet out. I’m going to run my wires through that and then plug that back in. Little tight fit. In here’s not too bad but the
firewall in this is kinda hard to get to from the outside. With a lot of things when I’m doing this, I’ll use a coat hanger to run my wires. Another thing I did, I decided
to use a different type switch so I just cut it right there. I’ll show you that switch
here in just a little bit. I decided to go ahead and
take my hood release off just to give me a little bit more room to work with everything. Now I’m just using some black
tape to hook the wire up to the coat hanger that I’m
using so that I can pull it through that rubber seal. The first thing that I’m
going to do is the wire has to come through the
firewall coming this way. It looks like I’m kinda doing
it backwards because I need for that to come, the wire coming in. So I’m going to push it in first. Then I’m going to show you
how I get the plug that plugs into the rest of the
harness to the outside. This can sometimes be a little difficult, a little tight fit. What you may have to do
is get some dish soap or something like that just to help make it slide through easier. That will help quite a bit. So I ran that through. Then you can take the black
tape and the coat hanger off. You have the wire through the seal. Now I’m going to take the plug
that plugs into the harness on the outside of the pickup
and I’m just going to use some tape and tape that together. Once I have that done, I can
fish that through the hole where that goes into the firewall area. I’m going to push quite a
bit because, like I said, this firewall sits pretty
far back in this pickup. It’s pretty hard to get into this area. I’m going to push it pretty
far, as far as I can. Now I’m on the outside of the pickup and now I can reach
through there and grab that and go ahead and pull that through. I can plug it into the
harness that comes with it. On the inside, I need a
hot wire so I found a plug that’s not in-use. I’m going to use the hot wire for that, to plug in the hot wire. I’m going to strip that. I’ll show you how I connect
that here in just a little bit. Now I’m showing you why I cut that switch. If you have adhesive, you
could just stick it on there. But this had some switches
that are not being used on this pickup. You can get a cheap switch
like this from Ace Hardware. It pops right in there. Makes a great fit. I just prefer to do that. It did not cost much extra. $6 or $7, I’m not sure. That’s what I decided to do. Now we can get ready to put
that back on after we get the wiring done. Now I still have two wires
that I need to put electrical connections on so that
it plugs into the back of this switch. That’s what I’m doing right here. There’s just two. I’ll crimp those on and then I
can plug that into the switch and that will operate the lights. Now I still have that hot
wire that I had in there. I need to put that together. The way I’m going to do this is I’m going to use heat shrink. I’m putting that on there
and then I’m going to twist the wires together. Then I’m going to solder
the wires together. I’m going to get some heat. I’ve got a little torch here
and some solder to make sure it makes a good connection. Once I’ve got those soldered
on, I’m going to move this heat shrink back up
onto the connection area. The way this works, you just heat it up. Just a lighter works fine. You just heat this heat
shrink up, go back and forth. And it sucks up and makes a tight fit. I really like the way
this heat shrink works. Now I can plug the two
wires into the switch. Put the interior panel back on, just two screws on the bottom
and it clips in and done. Pretty simple process and it looks great. Now I’m not going to say
that I’m a light expert because I’m not, but I
do think they look good. The lights seem to be really heavy-duty. They’re heavy and I think
they did a good job. They do a great job of
lighting up at night but let me hear what you think. Do you like them? Do you like where I placed them? Would you put them some place different? What would you do? I’d like to hear your feedback. I tried to give you some
video footage of this out in a field looking at those deer. But it really doesn’t do
the video justice because this camera tries to
adjust when it’s dark. It tries to get a little bit
darker and then when it’s dark, it tries to brighten up
so it gives you an idea but it’s kind of hard to really show you what it really looks like at night. It really lights it up. You can see really good. But I want to hear what
you think about this. I want to thank you for watching. If you have any questions,
comments, or what would you have done different, what you
think about this, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Have a great day and we’ll
see you in the next video. (loud tractor engine)

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