Lighting Design : Why Use a Lighting Designer

My name is Brent Shelly with Expert Village
and we are talking about lighting design today. There are some important reasons to have a
lighting designer on your project. One is again, like I have mentioned earlier, lighting
design is the fourth dimension of architecture. Daylight during the day in a space helps to
reveal architectural form. At night when you don’t have light you need to be able to use
electric light to do that. A lighting designer can help to create the magic in a space. They
can help to reveal the form and help to make that a space that people want to be in. Lighting
is a very specialized field. There are over 5,000 different light bulbs and a lot of people
don’t realize that. It takes someone who understands when to use what light bulbs in what fixtures
and when to apply those and how to apply those to space to be able to not only create that
magic but also to get enough light. Lighting is for people. If we don’t have enough lighting
for them to do what they want to do whether that is reading, conversing over dinner, then
the job is not done correctly.

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