Linkedin Events Tutorial

so how do you organize your networking
events your professional workshops and your company’s product launches by using
the new LinkedIn events feature I’m walking you through how to use it coming
up hello everybody welcome back to expert
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charles watson and in this video I want to show you guys and talk to you about
how LinkedIn has just launched their events platform to facilitate
professional meetups so let’s jump in so guys here we are on LinkedIn and after
first announcing that it was developing its own event tools in November last
year LinkedIn has now officially launched the
option providing the capacity for members to create and organize event
pages and facilitate in-person meetups via the social network guys this is a
really cool feature that LinkedIn has added and especially if you if you’re an
active user on LinkedIn like I am especially if you have a lot of
professional connections on LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to
those professional contacts and get results here at expert influencer
Academy we are seeing good results on LinkedIn and actually it’s our second
most popular social media platform behind Facebook so we’re investing a lot
of time we’re investing a lot of resources and we’re investing in a lot
of learning on how to use the LinkedIn platform effectively so guys here we are
on LinkedIn and this is just my profile so what you’re gonna do to access events
is you’re gonna go to home and then right here on the left hand side panel
here you’re gonna go all the way down to where it says events you’re gonna hit
that plus button and that’s gonna bring you up to here this pop-up that says
create new event and you’ll see that you’re gonna be able to change the
banner you’ll be able to put in a little profile picture the name of the event
the location of the event the details the date and times that’s super
important your time zone and a description at
then you’re gonna have an external URL link here that we have it connected to
Eventbrite cuz that’s how we sell our Expo tickets so once you get everything
set up guys you’ll be able to come here under events and you’ll be able to pull
your event up now it’s different than Facebook events this is a little more
primitive event platform than Facebook so it’s gonna take a little while to get
used to but if you see here on the right-hand side you will see all the
details that you put in to your event so you’ll see everything here on the right
you’re able to invite your connections so you’ll see that for our startup and
solopreneur expo and this is what I’m talking about with LinkedIn being our
second most popular platform so we created this event yesterday when events
rolled out this is a brand new feature that they rolled out to every user
they’ve been testing it for over a year in selective markets but now everyone on
desktop which is what I’m showing you here and on mobile has the ability to
create events and you could see that you can invite your connections and here out
of the invites that we’ve sent we have 91 people and you can bring these guys
up that are interested and planning on attending our Expo so this is super
powerful so you can invite all of your contacts and here you could start a
conversation about the event so this would be like the discussion tab in
Facebook you could give them all kinds of information you can update anything
you need to update and guys this is great if you’re hosting meetups in your
location if you’re launching a new product in for your business or if
you’re holding a live event like we are for the startup and solopreneur Expo so
in a nutshell guys this is a pretty quick video this is the new LinkedIn
events it lets you manage attendees so you can if somebody says that they’re
gonna come to your event and you don’t like them you can remove them from your
event hey you never know right be an option that you’re interested in
could be an option that you’re not but it’s an option for you so LinkedIn is
really making an effort to keep up with the other social media platforms and
like I said guys LinkedIn is an incredible space right now it is
underutilized there is tons of white space so if you have a business if
you’re a startup company if you’re a solopreneur even a big business get on
LinkedIn there is tons of things happening here as you could see so
people are using it just like Facebook just like any other social media
platform you should be using it as well well guys there you have it how to
successfully create events in LinkedIn take advantage of this new powerful
feature we are already using this to promote our startup and solopreneur Expo
in January 2020 and the response has been amazing as you could see it’s a
simplified version kind of based on the Facebook events module but it still
allows you to put in you know a description of your event it still
allows you to invite your professional contacts and it allows you to add links
to link out to like ticket sales and things like that also you can start a
conversation and chat with people about your event so this is just a great
professional events tool that you can use on the LinkedIn platform guys if you
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