Linmore LED Site Lighter Area Light (SL1) Introduction

Site Lighter from Linmore LED is one of the highest performing area lights ever brought to market This is a design that we’re very proud of and it’s sold very well for the company Aesthetically it is a very nice and appealing looking fixture. It has nice architecture, curvature lines, grooves, just things that have having an aesthetic appeal in a parking lot The design is very unique in that the chassis is both The structural integrity of the fixture and is also the device that moves the thermal energy This is one of the rare designs in the market in that the housing is extruded aluminum most other products in the marketplace will have a Chassis design and then have a separate heatsink that needs to be assembled and mounted to the chassis But Linmore the chassis is the heatsink and a very large amount of aluminum that carries that thermal energy generated At the junction’s of the diodes it can spread that throughout all of this bulk aluminum It’s also the way they were able to make this product so cost-effective. So we make the Site Lighter Area Light With multiple lighting modules in the video today is a single module fixture and a two module fixture We also make three and four module designs you get cost-effectiveness because this extrusion comes out and very large runs and Then it is sliced in different lengths depending on how many modules we need to accommodate in each fixture They give this a nice economy of scale that gets passed on to the marketplace the driver Mounts in the back of the fixture the drivers are in aluminum housings as well The drivers are made by Linmore. Inside this larger compartment We have an aluminum to lamp aluminum solid contact which moves thermal energy out of the driver case and to the structure of the fixture We also get economies of scale with our optic boards we use the same board in all our fixtures Just that we used 1 through 4 depending on what the fixture calls for but we do a very large volume in these modules again to bring the pricing down Optically we have several options available including Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5 and A Front Row Optic. In addition, we also offer Flood Optics in both 35° and 60° on Board the fixture as a pressure relief valve so as the air temperature changes outside, you can go from a cloudy Afternoon to a sunny afternoon, the air inside when it heats up Has the tendency to condense but with the pressure relief valve that pressure is relieved. So the moisture will not form inside the fixture From a mounting and bracketing standpoint we offer several One is our Slip Fitter Second is a Straight Arm Mount a couple of other brackets that are available include at Trunion Mount Bracket. That’s adjustable Lastly is our Rapid Mount Bracket So this bracket is a very advanced design from Linmore LED and separately has a video on our website That shows how it is used and how it is installed The wattage and lumen range on this product line is pretty wide our lowest wattage starts at 50 watts And we go all the way up to 400 watt models and over 65,000 lumens. From a voltage perspective the standard driver in the Site Lighter series is 120 through 277 volts one of the unique offerings that we have in this series is our high voltage driver which ranges on the low side of 200 volts to the high side of 480 volts in the area lighting world across the country about 95% of area lights the voltage ranges are above 200 volts so that higher voltage driver at 200-480 can eliminate a lot of site problems that are experienced during installation where voltages that aren’t planned for are encountered and Installers, then have to order more fixtures, leave the facility returned weeks later to complete the job So we consider the high voltage driver more of a universal play throughout the area lighting world from a color housing perspective We have three standard colors, which are bronze, white and black and then custom colors are also available. From a Controls perspective We have both on and wireless control options available If onboard sensors are used we mill a hole in this area of the fixture mount those to the chassis on our website is an Exterior Application Guide which illustrates a variety of Cross Arms, Tenon’s and Brackets that we make so installers can retrofit our lighting to about every application method There is in the marketplace. Thank you for your consideration of Linmore LED’s Site Lighter Series

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