Lisboa 1755 Terramoto , Tsunami e Incêndios

Lisbon capital city of Portugal and one
of the oldest cities in Europe but today remnants of an ancient glories
are hard to find three hundred years ago a very different as in stood on this
site are killed in city in the center of a world empire onto the game disaster struck moments
before 9:30 a.m. on November 1st 1755 a sudden sliding movement between two
gigantic tectonic plates occurs the result of massive magnitude 8.5
earthquake one of the most powerful and modern European history 150 miles from the epicenter the full
power of the earthquake strikes Lisbon nobody knows exactly how many people
crashed in those first terrifying moments but time and place would
conspire to seal the fate of tens of thousands survivors flee towards open ground down
by the Tagus River 150 miles offshore earthquake has displaced millions of
gallons of water results in a tsunami takes less than 40
minutes to reach Lisbon kills hundreds but in a cruel twist of
feet just before the earthquake strikes thousands of candles are lit in Lisbon
to celebrate the feast of All sings as the waters recede not enough to
extinguish the gathering flames that spread and engulfed the city after earthquake tsunami and fire Lisbon
one of europe’s richest seaports has been transformed and Nomura City of Gold
it has become a repository of charred and blackened bones

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