Lithonia Lighting’s LED Security Floodlights vs. Standard Floodlights

LED Floodlights from Lithonia Lighting replaces
any traditional floodlight. With Lithonia Lighting’s LED floodlights you never have
to worry about changing a bulb again. Getting on a ladder or falling off the house. Next
time you have to change a bulb, consider switching to LED floodlights from Lithonia Lighting
and enjoy maintenance free lighting for over 12 years. Now let’s take a look at a side
by side comparison. The fixture on the left is a typical PAR halogen floodlight and the
fixture on the right is Lithonia Lighting’s LED floodlight. As you can see the light from
the LED fixture is more uniform and illuminates a larger area. The LED fixture is only using
31 watts of energy compared to the PAR halogens 150 watts.

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