Little River Band – Home on a Monday | Het verhaal achter het nummer | Top 2000 a gogo

Is this not too low?
– No, this works. It is natural.
– Look out with that thing. I speak Dutch when I call my mum. It is easier to speak Dutch with her
than English. She still lives in Australia?
– Yes, and next January she will be 90. No, I think in English. My spoken Dutch
is still OK, but my written Dutch is not. When my family emigrated to Australia… …we left on a ship called Willem Ruys. The journey took four weeks. That is how we moved to Australia. When I went to school
my friends called me Beeb. I wanted to make it more English. So I changed Bertelkamp to Birtles. That is how I became Beeb Birtles. Nowadays even my mom calls me Beeb. My real name is Gerard. She does not call me Gerard anymore.

19 thoughts on “Little River Band – Home on a Monday | Het verhaal achter het nummer | Top 2000 a gogo

  1. Very annoying either speak one language or the other, 2 don't fly.

  2. We have a band here in Iowa that's been called Mississippi for decades. I thought they had the name rights?

  3. Love these videos but some English subtitles would make life easier for us all guys ♡ keep up the good work ♡

  4. Is Beeb Birtles Dutch??? One of their albums was the first one I ever owned!!! Great band.

  5. Were there actually any comments in this video about the story behind the song? All I heard was a potted history of the bands he's been in.

  6. The song is sung in English so any explanation or commentary on the song should also be in English. You are able to translate English into Dutch indicating that you would be able to translate Dutch into English. I do not mind seeing Dutch subtitles; by the same token, the video ought to have English subtitles for the parts that are spoken in Dutch. As it is, the title of the video is inaccurate – we do not hear the story behind 'Home on a Monday' in English (which, again, is the language used to sing the song).

  7. Whenever i hear this song, i always think: "on a monday?" which monday? Not this monday, thats for sure. Or u wouldve said "on monday" not "on a monday"

  8. When i was a kid, i used to think this was an Eagles song. And now i'm hearing it's creator Beeb talking dutch LOL Ongelooflijk

  9. I did not know Beeb could speak Dutch. He used to buy records at same shop as me in Melbourne – Pet Sounds. In any case where was the story about this song? Lost in the Dutch with no subtitles!?

  10. Can someone please translate what Beeb says in the last section about coming to Australia on a ship and adopting the name "Beeb" ?? The subtitles don't help (but can be hilarious!)

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