Live Edge River “Zipper” Table A Woodworking How-To

Dude I cannot believe how many comments I’m getting about this thing looking like a football where the hell would anyone get that idea Check it out. We are in one of the staging areas in the new showroom for Toll Gate revival, which is the business I’m gonna be splitting with in my new building as you can see. I’ve got the shop behind me so with the new showroom I got the wheeling on wanting to create a couple pieces that complemented the vintage look that Seth brings to Toll Gate Revival and immediately I went to thinking about live-edge now this project started out as of trying to infuse a little bit of Industrial look with these cherry slabs that I had and I was going with this expanded metal River table concept scrap this And mill up some walnut Yeah, I need a massive square I should just karate-chop this one – PAH perfect It’s so light So I’m a jackass I forgot to clean the live-edge before I put this in the jig it shouldn’t be an issue I made a couple reference marks take it out clean the live-edge square all of these So the stitches fit nice and perfect will make a little more manageable and we’ll put it back together and glue those suckers in Staying with the theme of this video. I’m gonna punch everything in the place tap Tap Tapperoo This one’s hard Gonna cut some plugs to fill all of those screw holes and the one thing you’d want to make sure of is that you’re going with the grain if you’re trying to match the grain so all The grain on this is going this way. So I’m going to cut them out of this little chunk here in the corner It does look kind of cool (Sam: John are you allergic to wood) I’m allergic to a walnut Be like I’ll be assembling something and I’ll be so giddy about it being close to being done But I don’t want to take it apart and then I end up like having to talk myself into taking it apart just because I Know it’s the right way to do it I’m like, (Sam: you’re only 2/3 the way thru the project) yeah, yeah Like this took is gonna take me three minutes to take apart countersink these finish sanding them and then properly finish Like in my heart of hearts, I 100% did not want to take this thing apart So thank you for checking out this builder If you want to see a full playlist of all of my live edge builds I got one queued up for you right here. Also one take my spots are on this build woodcraft I’ve got a link down in the description definitely go check them out and lastly Thank you. One more time for tuning in go put your next project in the face. I’ll see you in the next video long distance

100 thoughts on “Live Edge River “Zipper” Table A Woodworking How-To

  1. John I love the way u play while u work if its npt fun its work and nobody wants that…..haha nice work here sir!!!

  2. Cool table and great job making it
    Enjoyed and gave a Thumbs Up also

  3. Sweet vid man! If you square up those mortises while the templates still in place you can use it as a chisel guide

  4. Watching that grain pop is like opening a Christmas present! Awesome table!

  5. Yeay.. good morning.. nice design.. ??.. i like this..

  6. I love it John. It looked like you had a blast filming it. Especially in the beginning.

    So many subtle little tricks to learn from. Like the template for countersinking your screws the same depth. Genius.

    Why the spray water?

    The shop is coming together amazingly. So much better lighting too than the old warehouse. The store front looks awesome. Channel is growing well. Life is good my friend.

    I see a day trip to visit the store in my future this year!


  7. Where is your gun? Aren't you the guy I saw packing a gun in the woodshop?

  8. Awesome build, what was the attachment you used to clean up the live edge?

  9. Great job John, a question or two…. the plugs for the screws – they seemed to burn as they were drilled out – some seemed to have black on the sides. Does that show once you’ve sawn them flush? The angle you cut the legs at – can you share what that was please? A suggestion – not sure if this e3would work – as you drill the legs at an angle parallel to the ends, could you not hold the square on the side to get an eye line on the angle to drill? It would have to be on the other end to where you’re drilling – and may be too far for a really accurate guide – but it might help?? Another suggestion – and maybe too far over the top – did you consider replicating the zipper effect to some degree on the legs, in the walnut? Might be to much…… but as a thought for another project, perhaps replicating clothing buttons or studs (like we see on Levis) might be something to consider. Love your work – not seen it before – subscribed and liked. Cheers from Australia, Gary

  10. on 0:17 if you look at table base you would see huge gap between bottom of the base and a floor! Gosh, I thought Im the only one who got that problem when making those kind of bases, didn't expect to see youtube gurus having same issues. Lol…

  11. Good Videos. Visit My Channel, Watch Amazing & Dangerous Asian Carpenter Skill Sawing Giant Suar Wood in the Sawmill. It's Crazy Skill, only for professional carpenter

  12. am i missing something? you mentioned cut the plugs with the grain… but if the grain is going the opposite direction, can't you just turn the plug 90 degree's when you install it so it matches?

    nice video though

  13. Hi, this looks awsome. What did you have in the spray can to varnish/ paint the wood? Thanks 🙂

  14. 0:25 there is something weird about that caster bottom right corner of the screen.

  15. May I ask why you always use an impact drill when screwing into wood? Would this not cause splitting?

  16. ну хз , никогда не нравились шарнирные узлы

  17. As always, that was a great build and video.  Would love to see a "How to" video with your technique of attaching the base to the top.  What did you use?

  18. Все просто супер? не подскажете как называется ножовка?

  19. The table looks great. However I believe that it would give an artistic look if you use different shape instead of straight forward rectangular block of woods. May be oval or butterfly or may be different sizes instead of all same size. Its just a thought, just my opinion.

  20. I'd be picken stuff up from underneath it every dagum day. Maybe a raised rim along the zipper to hold spills?

  21. It would be nice to see a harvest table with a lazy susan. , on a slide from one end to the other. It could stop at every set , spin around serve your plate. Wow build !

  22. Hey John! Hate to bug ya, but how do you capture the audio from the mic you wear? Some sort of recording device?

  23. Great video as usual. Between this and the woodworking book I got last week ( I feel more equipped than ever to take on projects, even with my small workshop and lack of expensive tools. I was worried about being a beginner to all this but it's been a breeze!

  24. What is your finishing process, what finish, how many coats? I really like how your projects come out.

  25. How can I make… !!! All the tools that you are using for making that simple table.

  26. i like your product but the most i like is "your video" 😀 i think you have a good "movie Directors" 😀

  27. "sloppy," "meathead," and "bro" are the three words that come to mind. the way you smeared that epoxy all over the wood at 12:53 just perfectly sums up your approach to your craft.

  28. Beutifull table! Thank you for the idea!
    All those tools look tine in your hands 😉

  29. This is hard to watch with all the rookie mistakes. All the gear and no idea.!

  30. Did you at least subscribe to the Scandinavian Woodworker seeing how your just re-doing his project. Maybe you should bought the plans from him, that way you wouldn't have made so many mistakes.

  31. John – what brand plug cutter are you using? In my shopping, seems so many get crappy reviews – thanks!

  32. Really nice table! What is the name of that tool you are using to clean the live edge on 4:17 (the orange piece)?

  33. Awesome build. You got yourself a new subscriber. I hope you don't mind, but you inspired me to try and make a coffee table too, and I'm gonna use some of the things I learned from your video. Thanks again and Happy holidays

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