12 thoughts on “LIVE: Massive water main break floods 610 East Loop

  1. Grocery stores will be selling more water bottles and gallons of spring water 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Surprised to see those wipers going at the beginning there. 2:48 You'd think the electric wouldn't work at all while underwater.

    Houston, can’t seem to catch a break… last water takeover was, Hurricane Harvey…
    I hope everyone were captured and saved…🥺😢

  4. This was wild, I was on the ramp when it just start. Water was flowing down the right side of the Clinton exit but it was mostly dry. By the time I got to the top to turn around, it was at least 1 ft and a half deep. Elapsed time on exit, maybe 10 minutes

  5. What makes no sense is it was already leaking before repair. Why the water wasn't shut off to began with? It is a huge water source of 50 percent? I'm sure it would have been safer to notify to the public hours of water needing to be shut off in advance to prevent such damage to homes and property. As he said its 35 years old!! Yes it could have been handled better.

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