LIVE #NYPD Radio Calls explained by a Retired NYPD Detective #Dutyron

Dutyron here a Retired NYPD Detective different video it’s gonna be a lot
different than what you guys are used to tonight we’re gonna be listening to New
York City Police Department radio calls which should be exciting to say the
least should be exciting we’re going to listen
to NYPD s OD Special Operations Division the calls for you so you’ll hear radio
calls in the background it’s incorporated into the audio so don’t it
is what it is hello juicy in the house good to see the big juice the juice is
loose great to see a red light wine I hope the audio is good I’m not using a
microphone because I think about plug a microphone in you guys won’t hear the
audio from the police stuff hi Desiree how are you I’m good
can you guys tell me how the volume is on there okay that should be better
should be a little bit louder now the or video is good good thank you for sharing
out I appreciate that joke I’m gonna do that myself right now so let me share
hopefully the audio is good I know the lighting is kind of high I got a lot of
lights on I just I didn’t want it to be too long hopefully the shine won’t come
over my head too strong audio is clear thank you Laura
appreciate that so good to see everybody this is not a crime
I’ve been giving you so much Epstein and so much crime cases I wanted to give you
guys a break I wanted to give you a little bit of break
hello premier hell I’m good to see you my friend thank you for joining it guys
if you don’t mind please share out on the customer stuck in the bathroom on a
bus these are the things that are going down in New York City right now hello
Irish detective that is one of my fellow friends and colleagues from the New York
City Police Department Irish detective is a retired New York
City police detective just like me and I welcome him in to the broadcasts I’m not
sure if he wants to me to say his name so I won’t say his name but they do have
bathrooms on the bus and somebody is stuck inside the bathroom somebody stuck
there goes missus duty Ron she is incognito she has her hoodie up and she
is pouring some wine on him on a Sunday night a little Sunday night vino after
dinner so everybody say hello to mrs. duty Ron she won’t know her face because
she is it fun you know there she goes there she goes everybody let’s give her
a round of applause mrs. duty Ron hello from Ireland thank you for joining Linda
Ruth thank you for being in here red light wine you never know what’s gonna
happen on duty Ron’s live stream you never know good news coming over from
Jonna thank you for that message dad came home and he’s walking around
outstanding that’s great news that’s great news in particular guess how many
calls is the NYC take a day it’s in the third one
here here hello mark prince good to see it hello Diane you guys were just
chatting you and uh you and the missus were just chatting so anyways I was just answering a message
guys if you don’t mind please share the broadcast out onto social media we’re
gonna be listening to police calls better question how many jobs do we
handle in an hour there you go that’s that’s a better question how many in an
hour forget about in 24 hours I remember on a
4:00 to 12:00 we would answer literally hundreds of calls in just one sector one
sector alone I remember on the Midnight’s when Mike Joyce would be
holding the jobs we would come in on the midnight and he would be taking the jobs
in central that’s the radio dispatch would say we’re holding 85 you seven
Sunday and we’re holding 103 that’s 103 calls not answered in a 73 that’s two
precincts alone close to 200 calls so close to close to 200 so Diane my
neighbor who was in the in the stream is now texting my wife that she saw her
walk through the kitchen I hear her laughing in the living room
so Diane thank you for texting my wife and making her crack up making a crack
up we’re listening to special operations so this is a s OD special operations so
they are the emergency services unit so you’re not going to hear as many calls
that I chose this purposely so I could break down and show you how many
emotionally disturbed person calls come over and it’s not the local precinct
it’s not the local police that are that we’re listening to we’re listening to
the SOT the Special Operations Emergency Services the bomb squad Aviation Harbor
I probably missed a couple of units in there but the k-9 units all the
different units are on this frequency so let me share I haven’t shared yet so let
me do that right now stand by guys stand by
Darlene Wolfe good to see it still saying hello to mrs. duty round I have
my Orange County Choppers jacket okay here we go
city wide yeah that’s emotionally disturbed person a
female a non-violent emotionally disturbed person so they are now
responding to that call Thank You Jonna let me do it let me share it I’m gonna
create a Paul post at 8 o’clock I’m gonna end the stream because I have to
go over to Paul Peck drywall he has got 70,000 subscribers he’s a
friend of mine Paul Peck drywall Paul pecks drywall to but I think is it his
screen name is Paul Peck drywall Tube T ube he has never gone live and tonight
he’s going live at 8 p.m. in another half hour so we’re only gonna be here
for a little while I gotta go over to his livestream and be there on his first
live stream okay I just shared on a public post I
missed some of the comments darling what was going on in Putnam County last night
I don’t know I got a couple of emails about it but I didn’t look into it it
wasn’t something that bad hello valve at variety venue thank you Judy Lewis
Bridget Parker great to see you Hot Sauce junkie Tim another good YouTube
channel for you guys to check out Hot Sauce junkie Tim and his boss don’t
forget about his boss because she is part of the show she’s part of his show
that’s his his better half mrs. Hot Sauce junkie Tim okay so let’s see what
else can I do oh I can share onto Twitter I knew that
this wouldn’t be a big draw I knew this wouldn’t be a big draw because you got
to really be into this kind of stuff to tune in for this because you know radio
calls if you’re not into police stuff then it’s it’s a little boring you know okay so just another half-hour of this
and we’re gonna all jump on over to Paul Peck drywall pull Peck drywall – you’re
welcome hot sauce junkie – all right so I shared onto Twitter and share it on
and that’s it I haven’t done any more sharing we’re
gonna go we gotta all go over to Paul Peck drywall that’s his channel right
there you’ve got 71 thousand subscribers let me turn it around the camp hold on
let me turn it around hold on that’s his channel right there get ready at 8
o’clock it’s another half-hour or so we got to
all go over there and bomb his livestream there will probably be a ton
of people that he’s never he’s never did a live video all of his videos have been
uploaded that’s it so we got to all go and check out the
first base gross shit on the cross for ages and 93
years old it stuck in the ferret 92 year old stuck in the stairwell in
the basement Thank You red like wine thank you thank you I can’t see the chat
I don’t know why I have to look on my secondary overall my female Hispanic
emotionally disturbed suicidal they’re going on that run now so we’ll hear the
updates on that that’s the second emotionally disturbed person in a matter
of minutes so Lonnie thank you so much for being in here thank you anybody
that’s new let me know where you’re watching city state I can give you a
shout out I want to welcome you into the drive to the duty Ron live stream so if
you’re new let me know when you’re watching from your city and state and
I’ll give you a shout or your country a shout out EDP stands for emotionally
disturbed person so duty Ron please check your crime page on Facebook later
Bridgette Parker and I are trying to get awareness I need to talk to Bridget
about that because I’ve already I’ve already conducted an investigation into
that case I’ve also done some research today for about an hour I’ve done some
research on that I need to talk to Bridget about it so I already looked at
it I saw it I liked the page but I have some concerning things that I need to
speak to Bridget about so I’m going to talk to you shortly
anything regards to that so thank you to all that are new in here anybody that is
coming in for the first time introduce yourself we got a great community here
so everyone can say hello to you so watching from Ontario hello Anna
good to see you I’m watching from Ontario Canada this is
saying these are live police calls this is reality of the police department a
fraud push I on whether thank you so much for concern continually returning
to my live streams I greatly appreciate you I know you’re new but you do leave a
lot of messages and I love that so thank you thank you for your service from a
brother Utah new to your channel thank you for your service stay safe out there
if you’re still active if you’re retired you made it to the finish line so god
bless yes hot sauce junkie Tim and his wife the boss you can’t go wrong with
them there are quality quality people really good people so great to see them
here in on my channel so again this is the Special Operations Division Mach
Prince for – oh thank you for that super sticker thank you so much for super love
on the channel he’s a good friend from periscope and here on three my three
kiddos and his from San Diego listen I’ve been to the gas link district
numerous times well numerous two times so that’s not
numerous but I’ve been to the Gaslamp District I partied down over the
Convention Center I’ve been to Petco I love San Diego we love Seal Beach
we love Seal Beach me and my wife and my kids were there once beautiful beautiful
lo the California area so welcome in and thank you for joining my life the radio
isn’t busy it’s not that busy it is a Sunday night but you know something
when I was testing before when I did the test broadcast that several of you were
on there was a lot of activity going on on there and of course now that I’m
alive it’s not going to be active that’s just how it goes that’s just how it goes
what are you gonna do definitely EDP is the highest rate
during yeah we answer an Irish retired Irish detective can tell you from
firsthand experience the the emotionally disturbed person calls are one of the
highest and volume domestic violence here comes a job now there comes a job
welcome that was in the work so so far we’ve had
three of these hello Anna Mars thank you so much for being in here anybody that I
have missed I say Thank You Joyce Bernstein good to
see you uh Bernstein Bernstein I always say Bernstein it’s wrong it’s Bernsen
great to have you thank you for joining I believe in the Netherlands correct me
if I’m wrong in the Netherlands this is a job that you know this is a job that I
did for over 20 years so for 20 years we were dealing with this stuff the scanner
trends actions are fabulous thank you I appreciate you being in here thank you
so much for coming in I gotta say she won everything put all the controversy
aside and you may be slight drama that might be attached to your past you’re
awesome I I can’t get enough of your channel I’m glued and I get a binge
watch your videos I watched three in a row as I was cleaning up my bird cage my
bird cage I gotta clean it every Sunday and during the week once so twice three
times a week I got to get in there and clean up and as I was cleaning I was
watching your videos I was hooked to him you hooked me in you hooked me she’s
like come on duty Ron I know I can get you second she’s like a fishery it’s
like like a fishermen official woman I got you I got your duty Ron you’re on
the hook I think my wife is watching in the
living room I think my wife is watching from the room because she’s laughing
that’s how I know she drops hello sandy a7 good to see you red like
wine you’ve been here Linda Cormier she is coming in from up
in Canada h ec z q b thank you for joining up don’t forget to hit the
thumbs up give me a thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribe to my
channel I think it’s right here somewhere the subscribe button hit that
subscribe button I’m not using stream lamps tonight the stream and its mobile
got wiped out I still have it on my phone but I was afraid that was gonna
crash on me so I’m using the straight YouTube app so there should be a there
should be a little SUBSCRIBE thing here but I don’t know maybe not when you
watch the replay or it should be a watermark that’s here I don’t see it I
don’t see it on my secondary device I don’t see it anywhere to be honest with
you look it’s all good it’s all good I think we have 64 people in the chat as
far as I can see thank you for that super chat I appreciate that
we’ve had a whole bunch of EDP calls a whole bunch of EDP jobs and they just
keep coming in 68 in the chat 67 68 who’s counting you guys are all
fantastic let me share on to my facebook group let me do a Facebook share
hello rate Raquel from Brooklyn nice to see you thank you for joining good to
have you know my family Jonah thank you so much for
the super chat to police and an Air Force medics ain’t my dad from SDS heart
failure last week with CPR on a call they didn’t have to respond to but they
did that is fantastic that is fantastic thank God they would have to save your
dad and I love to hear those kind of those kind of stories so everybody put
some prayer emojis in the chat for jhanas bye our first responders so thank
you to the men and women that are out there to doing the job day in and day
out if I have anybody in here that’s a former law enforcement or first
responder let yourself be known much love and respect to you for the job I
did it for 20 years I know what it’s about
good to see Jason McReynolds in Texas thank you so much for joining prayers
prayer emojis are going out for Jonah and her dad thank God for our first
responders saving lives is what we sign on to do we sign on to the job not to
lock people up but to save people’s lives we want to help people you know
and most first responders and police officers take on the job for that very
reason thank you Addie’s mom good to see you thank you for joining 70 people it
looks like 69 I don’t know the numbers are crazy
I see 67 here they just the numbers just started popping up my secondary device
at 69 this one says 65 I don’t know what to think my iPads telling me one thing
my phone my head spinning Terry W in the building
Sofia Howard thank you for joining this is not a regular duty Ron broadcast guys
this is not a regular one my daughter and her fiance are both firemen another ATP Thank You valve a variety of
nu thank you to your daughter and her fiance may they always be safe out there
and blessings to them blessings to that Mia’s family thank you so much for
coming in appreciate you always being in here Jerry Smith Julie from Texas says
hi and thank you for your service to New York City for them when it gets confirmed so there’s a lot
going on right now it’s getting busy right now it’s getting really busy
thank you John afore spelling out what the SDS stands for sudden death syndrome
I’m just thankful that your dad’s okay and he’s home so thank God
so the precinct is responding they will confirm it before emergency services
responds nine times out of ten so that’s what’s going on right now that’s why
she’s saying only confirm pre seat units will confirm it and then she’ll come
back on and update it or she’ll say cancellation so that’s um that’s just a
little bit of a background on what goes on with these calls time check everybody
7:30 for what time is it 7:00 7:30 for we got to watch the time football pack
because I got to end it at 8 o’clock right on the head we got to end it at
8:00 and we’re gonna all go over and we’re gonna do a duty run raid how about
that I never did a raid ever I’ve gotten raided but I never did a duty Ron raid
we’re gonna all do a duty Ron raid at pulp X so moderators get his link and
get it ready in the chat so everybody could go over there when we’re ready it’s primetime here and you know the
weekends a lot of people start drinking a lot of people start arguing on the
weekends because people are home Thank You Bridget
there’s Paul pecks Channel suspicious package possibly a bombs mission
suspicious package so the bomb squad is gonna respond to this this job right
here so it’s getting you’re getting to hear a lot of stuff so thank you so much
for that Thank You Kyle for that kind words
I appreciate you thank you for thanking me fun a supportive read love those yes
dari yeah those are a lot of fun so we’re gonna do you guys who stick around
here are gonna be a part of the very first dude I’ve never I’ve never done
another raid set your DVR and DVR it so you can go back and catch it he’s not
going to be live a long time I guarantee you if if he stays live for 20 minutes
it’ll be a lot I guarantee it’s going to be his first line so I can’t see him
being live for an hour so pole tanks will be a short one it’ll be a short one
that’s for sure hey has anybody shared on the do tear on
a YouTube share group on Facebook if not I’ll go and do it right now let’s do it
I’ll do it I’ll do it I will do it here we go dude there’s almost 400 people in
the do tier on Facebook YouTube share group so I’m happy that was a 400 vetted
legitimate people those aren’t Jagga loans the people in my share group are
not any just Joe Blow they are confirmed people hello Maddy boy Sully YouTube shared group I’m gonna somebody
will put it in the chat here somebody will
Joey Brooklyn or if somebody could get the link and put the YouTube video share
group you have to answer the questions to get in there
I don’t just let anybody get in you answer the questions wrong you’re not
gonna get in so 1013 is police officers shock or a very very high assistants
call somebody police option fighting with another perpetrator and things of
that nature so this is that’s a serious quote so let me share to the to the
Facebook group hold on guys let me share it to the group the bull sent me a
message that are on buffering and my buffering I better not be no bullshit me
a message that I’m buffering is that true I don’t think so
I think that was from the past live man Canada hello from canada of police
officer shot it’s not confirmed it’s not confirmed okay okay Thank You diary thank you oh my god Mary London says yes buffering it could
be buffering from some people but others I have a strong connection right now
I highly doubt um yeah I highly doubt it’s on my end
okay if it’s buffering for you Mary and those recently for nothing long to find the
canvassing now someone fitted for our fall for it it looks like it’s not it’s not founded
so sometimes people call in these calls with like a restricted phone that can’t
be traced and they call in these bullshit bogus calls so I’m thankful
that that is they’re slowing everybody down and it’s gonna be an unfounded so
that’s good that’s good news right there that’s the alone hard to hear you
when they’re talking I know I know that’s why I wanted to plug in a mic but
I’m just not gonna talk when they talk that’s all I won’t talk when they
thought it’s hard for me it’s hard for me not to talk because I want to explain
what they’re saying but I’ll wait until 91 that’s what I think that’s the 12th emotionally disturbed
person call in 29 minutes I’m going back to look at the chat thank god it’s
unfounded yes Joshua rather bogus yes yes hard to hear you yes
okay I’m caught up I’m going back that was I got right up back to frog push ion
weather all right so 12 emotionally disturbed
person calls it’s EDP Sunday that was his call that he went on was unfounded
and he’s 98 meeting available for the next assignment 10 98 is available for
the next assignment ladybug hi how are you Ron the EDP rate must be connected
to the drug abuse it’s connected to drug abuse but it’s also connected to our
failed mental health system it’s connected to a lot of things but our
failed mental health system is of the prime candidate it’s the prime suspect
if you will hello tr9 berry good to see you thank you for joining great live
from early ten shots fired on confirm them thank
you to anyone who is given super chat anyone who has subscribed to my channel
anybody that’s given me the thumbs up anyone that has the men and women that I
work with but I don’t miss the job I’ll tell you that right now so I definitely
miss the guys that’s a bank burglar you along it’s just the along it’s not no
banks or open at this time because it’s almost a quarter to eight guys let’s get
ready for the for the raid into Paul Peck drywall’s
livestream so we’re gonna get ready in 15 minutes to go on over to Paul Peck
drywall’s livestream but we’re not gonna go until we see he’s live you’re going
to be part of the very first duty Ron raid so I want this to be a respectful
one and in the chat just put duty run raid duty run raid and that’s it retired
Irish detective is a ex-partner and a great friend of mine we are I call him a
personal friend we we served together he said it exactly how I did we missed the
people but we don’t miss the job we missed the people that we served with we
don’t miss the job so once you put you 20 or 25 well however many years you
wanted to do you could retire with 20 when you walk out that door there’s no
looking back some people second-guess it I never did
never second-guessed it I never thought of going back I just said I got through
20 years I survived I saw a lot of shit I saw I dodged a lot of bullets I dodged
a lot of dangerous situations and I’m just happy to be alive thank you thank
you so much Cobra roll always a pleasure to have is the Mounted Police right yeah
that’s the mounted unit you heard a female mounted also known as a male Wow
while giving her statement personnel come with smooth by for holster jump
that’s to help me I had door locks very thankful these are great stories no EDP
or they might have handled a call without emergency service so it’s not
necessarily unfounded they’re just calling them off so they told one of the
103 EDP job to stop responding because they might have taken the emotionally
disturbed person into custody on their own a lot of the police will
try to take the person into custody if it’s safe to do it Thank You Jonna thank you hello Phil and
life in the USA Channel hello to you a little sir welcome in or ma’am sir or
ma’am thank you for joining thank you to the super chatters thank you to everyone
who shares the stream remember guys sharing is caring I greatly appreciate
when you share out stream we got ten more minutes before Paul Peck somebody
has to let me know if he I’m gonna monitor his stream I’m told
let’s let’s take a look at pole pack soon as he goes live we’ll leave him
we’ll go on over there I’ll tell you guys when he’s like ok I’m monitoring
him right now I got it up I got it up I’ve never done a raid with my people so
let’s try to get more than 70 people in here I’m gonna share some of my police
groups I’m gonna share it to some of my police groups that have thousands of
people in there never did I ever do yeah duty run rape
that’s all you put in there that’s all you put in the chat we want to flood his
chat with duty one he’s never gone live ever first time
he’s ever gone live with us hello hi how are you welcome in thank you for joining
so I can’t lean forward because the table makes my face look really red I
have a redwood table here so I got to stand back so that’s why I’m pushing
back that’s all yeah and his daughter bought me the yes possible pen job yeah
it’s happening in nine minutes he is a he’s a guy who’s he pays attention to
detail so he said he’s going you’re asking us for the ministers put
one over four one seven nine and Hardy has an authority of you negative eighty
five-year-old Aidid hello Giovanna good to see you
thank you for joining I appreciate you coming on in thank you for coming in
appreciate you being in here thank you for coming guys if you don’t mind share
it out on to your social definitely share it on out all right let me get pol
Peck back up because now I don’t have them okay here we go full Peck I can’t wait
to see this guy alive this is exciting for me I’ve been I’ve been subscribed to they confirm the job but they didn’t
confirm that is a pin if there’s a pin they’re gonna keep coming if there’s no
pin they’re not going to keep coming because then it just the fire and the
ambulance will take care so there’s no pin and that’s a good sign that’s a good
sign Katrina good to see you thank you for
coming on in MJ good to see you thanks for joining
that’s a second that’s a robbery of a business on confirmed
that’s a 1030 robbery everybody’s going to go over there in a couple of minutes
it’s less than five minutes with 755 right now eight o’clock
everyone’s gonna raid Paul Peck drywall we’re gonna go into his livestream and
we’re going to just go in the chat and put duty Ron raid and that’s it Katrina
thank you for the super chat thank you so much for duty Ron family love and
respect says Katrina from the great state of Texas thank you so much for
being in here appreciate you being here Katrina we’re gonna do a raid on Paul
Peck drywall it’s gonna be exciting to say the least
so I’m just waiting to see his live button go on I’m hoping he’s not late oh
he’s alive but wait let’s give him a minute
he’s live says starting soon he actually has a lobby of people
waiting thank you so much awesome thank you so much for the super low okay this is exciting thank you everybody I’m glad everyone’s
excited there’s like 74 or 75 people in the chat when he goes live we’re all
gonna go over there and we’re gonna boost up his his live viewers by 74 or
75 however many are in here and we’ll all go on over there so that’s gonna be
great hello Liz good to see you thank you for coming
dari thank you so much waiting for your command duty Ron Thank You dari I
appreciate it is he 13 he I don’t know he is not related maybe he is not
anything that’s a good one is he related to Pol Pot we’re going over to Paul Peck
drywall he’s a great drywall specialist it’s got a great YouTube channel Diane
70,000 Plus subscribers I think 72,000 almost he is good friend of everybody’s
and we’re gonna go over there and we’ll rate him when we moved to Florida we’ll
have to use him to do some drywall work for us because he’s down in Florida
hello from dumb fries Scotland good to see you Scotland hello Laura and
burn thank you so much for coming all right he is not live three minutes and
50 seconds he’s got a 40-minute live stream I’ve been live forty seven
minutes that’s number eighteen we’re approaching
20 fired one half 3:8 Oliver would drive the rover through
it Susanna how are you thank you for joining Linda
you know you’re part of the family now so it’s good that you’re here Linda Ruth
Cardozo thank you for being excited even though you don’t know any of us but you
are going to get to know us we’re a great group of people the duty Ron
family is awesome if you’re not subscribed now’s the time to subscribe
to my channel hit the notification bell give me the thumbs up go and join my
youtube video share group on Facebook follow me on all social media one word
duty Ron do you Tyr o n on Instagram Twitter Facebook and snapchat all one
word duty wrong and if you really want to join the YouTube video share group
it’s a great group over on a crime check move two minutes two minutes to the
countdown guys two minutes two minutes and ten seconds so moderators get ready
with the with the link to this stream get ready with the link to this very
stream and get ready to go on over there let me let me share it let me copy it
let me copy the stream and then I’ll do it too we just will just I’ll stay here
for a while and I’ll direct everybody over there it’s happening in less than
two minutes guys a minute 45 a minute 45 I feel my heart is starting to
pitter-patter a little bit is that weird is that weird that I’m that excited
about this I’m really excited Katrina thank you so much for that super chat
thank you for your love and respect on this channel Katrina is also a great
livestream broadcaster she does uploads and live streams go subscribe to her
channel as well Katrina is awesome yeah there’s the link right there poll pick
drywall get ready 8 p.m. there is Jonna throwing up the link with Paul Peck
drywall he we go like it’s New Years Eve it’s like
it’s like New Years Eve seven six five four three I want you guys all to go all
of you not yet here he is he’s live there’s no
audio he’s having difficulties no audio let’s wait until he gets the
audio at least everybody that’s in there we gotta wait everybody’s doing it
everybody’s doing it just go just go over let’s go I’m gonna end the stream
everybody go over to Paul pick someone put in the link again and then I’ll end
this one more time with the link everybody’s doing it duty Ron Duty Ron
raiding Duty run read I love it I love it
go on over go go the link is right there there it is just click on it and you’ll
go right over click that link right there alright guys
everybody go on a poll pick drywall Josh put it in one more time Josh could you
put that in one more time he’s got no audio alright guys thank you thank you
guys for being in here thanks for listening
love and respect from my house to yours already sound sound can you go on over I’m leavin ass

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