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Behind me is the Live the All 4 Adventure prize, and
it is our best prize ever. Now it’s for Series 10: A Decade of Dirt. So let’s go check it out and see how it ticks. Now the first thing you do when you’re setting
up a vehicle like this is you put an EFS 2-inch heavy-duty XTR suspension lift under it. Now that’ll help you out when you’re carrying
heavy loads and also 4-wheel driving up at Cape York. Now also underneath this truck is a 133-litre
replacement tank from Brown Davis. You gotta have tyres. Why not put the toughest tyres on the market:
Mickey Thompsons MTZ P3s. The same tyres that we use when we head up
north. Now you gotta wrap those tyres around some
ROH rims. Now there’s also an exhaust system from Just
Autos because that’ll help the car breathe a lot better and give it a little bit more
performance. So we got a nice big shiny bullbar on there. And of course, an XTM light bar, because you
want to be able to see those kangaroos comin’, and you want to miss ’em. Now don’t forget, you need a heavy-duty Uniden
UHF aerial. Mate, if you’re gonna tow stuff—which you
will with this prize draw —is a set of Clearview towing mirrors. Now these are the new ones from Clearview. Not only do they extend, but they’re also
the powerfold. Check that out. You gotta love it. So when you’re cruising down the tracks, press
the button, mirrors come in. Press the button, mirrors go out. How good’s that? All right, so as soon as you jump up on the
roof here you’re gonna notice we’ve got a Rhino-Rack. Now this is a Pioneer Platform rack, and you’ll
see it’s got the backbone series mounting system which is pretty cool. And you’re using that to mount things on it,
so first of all, you’ve gotta mount the Sunseeker awning. And then of course, a set of Maxtrax. You can’t go anywhere without a set of Maxtrax. All right, let’s have a look inside. So we cover the front seats here with some
Supafit seat covers. Now these are the denim model, so they’re
pretty comfy and they keep the dirt off the leather. All right, so we’ll jump inside. What do we got? Oh, the first thing I notice here is the Uniden
in-car 5-watt radio. And then of course, you’re towing. There’s no doubt about it, you’re gonna be
towing that camper trailer. So what do we need? Of course we need a Redarc Tow-Pro. Oh, check out in the back. Nothing has been left. Have a look here, we’ve got a Redarc Manager30. If you’ve got a Redarc Manager30, it means
you’ve got a battery system on board, and of course, you’ve got an inverter. So the inverter allows you to get the AC power. Now you can’t go past what’s gonna hold the
quad bike on the back of this D-Max, and that is a Norweld tray. Now this is a deluxe Norweld tray—full aluminium,
painted sides, tool boxes, rear drawer. It’s the top of the line aluminium tray, and
it fits beautifully on the back of the D-Max. So when you’re cruising down the road and
you’re heading up north, and you get yourself stuck in… I don’t know. Maybe you’re going across the crossing there
and you’re bogged. Well, what do you need? You need an XTM recovery pack. That’s a must. Chuck that in the rear drawer of this aluminium
tray. And of course, we’ve got the Redarc solar
blanket. So that’s a 150-watt solar blanket. Now after you arrive at camp and set up this
absolute mansion or palace. Now this is the MDC Cruizer high-side. This is the top of the range forward-fold
camper trailer from MDC. Now I’ll tell you what, it is one sweet bit
of gear. It’s a 30-second set-up. It’s got all the mod-cons. Oh, you gotta love this. Check this out. Now this is a Dometic CFX DZ-75. DZ… dual-zone. So it’s got 2 zones. Fully stainless-steel shine in your eyeballs
stainless steel kitchen, right here. 4-burner gas stove. It’s got a full-blown sink. So you’ve got full plumbed up water and full
plumbed gas. How good is that? I don’t know about you, when you’ve cooked
your dinner, you then hop inside. Here we go. And you sit at the table. There’s a fully blown lounge here that turns
into a queen-size bed. So this is a 4-person camper. Can you believe that? Four people can sleep in here. So you can imagine… mom & dad, two kids. Problem solved. Remember 30-second set-up. There’s a queen bed in there. It is a full inner-spring mattress. Now when this whole shooting match gets folded
up… in about 40 seconds, you can then put your tinny on it. So we’ve got a Sea Jay 3.7 Nomad tinny. What an absolute cracker. And of course, a 20hp 4-stroke Honda outboard. Now check out this little beauty. This is a 570 Ute from Polaris. And the Polaris fits perfectly on your Norweld
tray. Now that’s not all. You also get 2 pairs of Tonic sunglasses and
of course a Shimano fishing gear package. And you get $5000 to spend at any BCF store. So imagine going down to a BCF store and spending
$5000 to put even more stuff in the back of the D-MAX. Is that all? Well, to make it the best prize draw ever,
it’s you and 3 people of your choice that are gonna go up to the Dhipirri Barra Lodge
with Jase and Simon. Can you believe it? Hanging out with us for 4 days catching big
barramundi? What else could you want? So if you watch the show, you can collect
the keywords, and then go online and collect the bonus keyword. Because you’re gonna want every chance you
can get to enter this awesome competition and quite possibly live the All 4 Adventure

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