Local program helps residents save thousands on flood insurance, sees first success

Some homeowners in La Crosse are forced to pay anywhere between 500 and 3-thousand dollars for flood insurance each year. But last year. the city of La Crosse worked to get houses out of the flood zone. so residents wouldn’t have to pay those costs. TAKE INTERSTITIAL News 8’s Sarah Thamer is here now with the latest updates on that goal. Sarah? Part of the city’s goal was to offer residents a solution by tearing down dilapidated homes and replacing them with new ones.. Homeowners I met with today will be moving into their new house which was once in a flood zone. Nats walking/talking Richard and Rita Morehouse have lived on the Northside of La Crosse for as long as they can remember. I was born here. And though they’ve never experienced a flooded home, they’re well aware of the cost. Which is why when they recently bought this house on the Northside, they made sure it was out of the flood zone. The city is hoping to see a pattern of more houses built like this one, to prevent homeowners from having to pay thousands of dollars in flood insurance. The city is trying to encourage people to do this where possible across the city, whether that’s elevating an existing home, or tearing down an old home and then bringing in fill and raising the home. Community development administrator Caroline Gregerson says this is one of the first homes in La Crosse built through the floodplain program by a private contractor. The house was built on vacant land which was bought by the planning and development department in 2009. But barriers including its location in a flood plain made the land difficult to build on. However with help from
the company Construction Restoration, a new, single-family home was built out of the flood zone. Because of hurricanes like Harvey, we might see floodplain rates going up again because we’re impacted locally by now all these draws as a result of Harvey so that just emphasizes the improtance of the more homes that we can build out of the floodplain that aren’t subject to this flood insurance, the better for our city. The Morehouses have always lived in areas that were considered safe from flooding, which is why they say it was essential for their new house to be out of the flood zone. I think we would have ignored anything in the floodplain quite frankly. Reporting in LAX, ST, News 8. The land the house was built on was on the market for several months before the owner of Construction Restoration put an offer on it to build the house. Thank you Sarah. It cost about 150-thousand dollars to build the house.

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