Logistics On Location: DLA Supports Red River Army Depot (YouTube captions)

We’re at Red
River Army Depot. It’s located in Hooks,
Texas, which is pretty much in the northeast
corner of Texas. And our mission here is to
support the war fighter in every which way we can. We are at DLA
Distribution, Red River, Texas out in Texarkana,
Texas, and we supply Red River with a variants,
vehicles, and parts to bring the vehicles
back up to 1020 status. The ultimate goal is to
deliver the strongest truck possible to the
warfighter so that when the warfighter gets their
vehicle in the theater, they can count on that
vehicle to get them through the mission and
carry them through the mission. Vehicles are sent from
units, they’re received here on depot at DLA, and
DLA transfers the assets over to us when we induct
them in on a program. The vehicles that we’re
working on are the MaxxPro Dash and it’s a
Navistar vehicle. Our function is to build
the truck up from a refurbishment standpoint
to a fully mission-capable vehicle. The vehicles come from all
over the United States, overseas, and once we
receive them in, Red River will order certain types
of variants, vehicles and we’ll deliver
them to Red River. In Iraq and Afghanistan,
the vehicles were being hit with roadside mines,
improvised explosive devices, but over time
they started increasing the amount of explosives
they were using against the trucks and to
devastating effects. We were losing soldiers
and losing war fighters. And so they did a new
engineering proposal where they came in and upgraded
the truck and made it much stronger, much more
durable, and that upgrade is the primary mission
that we’re focused upon when we deliver trucks
from this point in the process. And once we get done with
it, the QC department here at Red River is going to
buy off on the vehicle or accept it. And then this particular
vehicle will go over to a TACOM inspection as well
and they’ll do the final acceptance on it. And once that acceptance
is met, the vehicles are returned over to DLA and
that’s where they would be shipped out to a
receiving unit. DLA is a large part of why
we are able to provide the war fighter with the
quality of the vehicle and the level of build that
we have of the vehicle. So, the amount of material
that is supplied to us from DLA is probably about
85% of the material that we consume on the truck. That being said, we cannot
perform this mission without DLA’s
assistance in this.

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