Lonavala Explored | Bushi Dam | Lion’s Point | Vlog 4 | Tamil

-Music- Hi today we are going Lonavala this place is 100 km away from Mumbai we don’t know how Lonavala will be the first time we are going come let us see how it is we are your Street Porukki come let’s explore -Music- Riding….. now we have around 30 to 40 km we had come till here this place is super to take a small washroom break we stopped here see the view u can see mountains around here the road is super neat and clean it’s superb to ride come let us go I will show you while going Ridding… (applying lubricant) we are applying oil in the chain Why we apply oil? for lubrication it’s for lubrication I don’t know anything about lubrication but let’s see ok fine let’s go-ahead -Music- Riding… at last, we reached near you would be wondering why he is standing in an empty road and talking I will show you the view you all see how the view is full Khopoli is seen from here and all the waterfalls wait I will show u the place in the rear camera Admire the nature -Music- see our rider is walking like a hero ride the bike sir hahaha Riding….. at last, we reached near Lonavala now in Lonavala, there is a place called Bushi dam come let’s go and see how the place is now we are standing in the highway behind they all are honking not for us it was raining well on sudden that’s why we could not show you all the place fully we don’t have an action camera that’s the only minus we will see it in the future my mouth is blabbering now more 9 km to go come let us go -Music- at last, we reached Dam you can see how much crowded this place is and the entry fee for this place is free but for car parking, you have to pay for a car, it’s 100 and for a bike, it’s 30 but entry is free only here vada-pav and snacks are sold 10-20 rs it would be sitting in water and having it would be good this place is family-friendly in the rear camera, I will show u this place -Music- let’s have vada-pav -Music- -Music_ at last, we explored that place it would be good if we come with our family we came alone but still, this place was good it’s fully family-friendly we don’t have any problem here like alcoholics and all family, ladies, and anyone can come here and take a bath in Dam as I already said parking is not free here water flow is good don’t know about other season monsoon time it’s crowded here on the way itself, we have lots of food to have like a festival sitting inside the water u can have anything now we are leaving this place don’t know where we are going next come let’s decide on the way at last we fully… camera got foggy fully got a lot foggier at last, we came here from here we will go lions point that is just 2-3 km from here let’s see how it is come let’s go see this place now it’s foggy around us we can’t see anything clear I don’t know we are in fog or mountain it’s fully foggy you can see around see behind I will show u the way in the rear camera it’s raining heavily Riding… hi guys are we scene it’s not camera problem its the fog here don’t think that u will find a lion in lion point it’s foggy here but this foggy experience is another level the feel is like we came to heaven this place is superb come let us explore this place -Music- I don’t wish to go anywhere leaving this place here 4 mnt it’s like this only 4 mnt in the scene June, July, August, and September it will be fully like this only rest time u can come here to see the view down its 1.5 km deep I guess fog is keeping on increasing that’s why we don’t wish to leave from here this place is so beautiful as you can see its fully foggy -Music- so let’s leave now if we stay here than we should keep staying here around 150 km we should go now already body got tired after doing continue ride and going everywhere after having food feeling sleepy also if we stay here then we should sleep here only this place superb but what to do don’t wish to leave also fully covered with fog such a beautiful place come let’s go let’s see if the bike is still there in fog mistakenly we should not pick someone else bike at last, we ended our trip you would have seen how the place was but I would recommend you to rather than spending time Buchi dam you can take a bath after taking bath climb 2km up to ghats if you get to the ghats then from there you won’t wish to come down you can stay there as long as you wish u can relax there it’s a peaceful place must recommend place it is after having a stressful weekday Saturday Sunday weekends u can come here and relax yourself it’s just 80 km from Mumbai this place location link is given in the description who all wish to come, do come its recommended until then bye from your Street Porukki let’s see, bye -Music-

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