63 thoughts on “Lord Huron – Wait by the River (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

  1. Cool place to talk all things Lord Huron… https://www.facebook.com/groups/LordHuronFC/

  2. I sure hope their touring with the horn section and the keys lady See you in St. Paul ! Amazing stuff…..

  3. I am curious on how this song will fit in in relation to the other songs on the record. Lord Huron songs make way more sense in context of an entire record.

  4. Congrats LH. You make dark times brighter… loving the expanded band. I truly appreciate your commitment to authenticity. The creation of world's, not merely songs. See you on the Emerald Star!

  5. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but when I compare Wait By the River to LH's past songs, I just don't think this song has as much lyrical or instrumental depth. I'm just not yet on board with the style that they are going for.

  6. Really hoping I can go see your show in Tulsa!!! I can't wait to hear such great talent live!

  7. I’m always astounded by the depth that I relate to your songs. When I listen to them I don’t feel alone in the universe because you are feeling things I feel. Each album continues to grow and progress in ways that I do too. I wish there were better words to describe how I feel when I listen to your music. I could listen to this song for hours.

  8. I've been obsessed with this song for over a month. I love it so much.

  9. Graças a Os Treze Porquês eu descobri essa banda maravilhosa.
    Obrigado, Lord Huron, por tonar minha vida um pouco melhor.

  10. Descobri essa banda através da série Os Treze Porquês, e sou muito grato por isso.
    Lord Huron, obrigado por tornar minha vida um pouco melhor.

  11. I heard this song waking from my sleep, and I thought to myself, Who is that? That's when I got here… Beautiful poetry. Lord Huron, one of my new favorites.

  12. I remember listening to LH on my way to school. Already felt like I went through a lifetime of adventures by the time my day started. Can listen to albums on repeat and still feel what I felt the first time I heard it. Still haunts me!

  13. Maybe it’s not the most exciting song, but it’s a damn good performance

  14. hmmm….this style steps away from their previous songs and style….I love Lord Huron….but this doesn't sound like Lord Huron…..not that the song is bad… there is too much of something that takes away from the Lord Huron sound…it reminds me of John Lennon Double Fantasy album….and a bit of Lindsey Buckingham….. can't put my finger on it….but the sound isn't as pure as the other Lord Huron songs.

  15. Amazing song. Thank you pandora for connecting me with this band, and thank you band for good music.

  16. This song makes me think of a man who made a regrettable mistake, and his girl left him because of it. This man feels extreme guilt and is waiting for his girl to come back to him even though she never will, which is very tear-jerking. But still, another incredible song from a very talented band!

  17. Why do I feel like I've heard this song before ?
    And I do need feel !!

  18. I LOVE LORD HURON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such fantastic storytellers!!! I'm obsessed!

  19. As a follow up to Strange Trails, I really enjoyed Vide Noir!
    With that being said, I am very excited to see Lord Huron in October! 😀

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