64 thoughts on “Lord Huron – Wait by the River (Live From Late Night With Seth Meyers / 2018)

  1. The intro reminds me of the music in labyrinth lol

  2. I was a big fan, have been since the beginning.. like the very beginning, the Into the Sun EP to be exact. Even have LH lyrics tattooed on my chest. But honestly, this new album really disappointed me. I was excited to see their style evolve with Stranger Trails, but now I feel like it’s almost evolved too much and in the wrong direction. The music used to inspire me, now it just confuses me. It’s hard to find a song that sticks out to me now. I’m sad to say that my favorite band really isn’t my favorite band any more

  3. https://youtu.be/ERCzN91JicA

    I think this is probably how Kip intended his wedding song to Lafawnduh to sound.

  4. Be honest who started listening to them because of 13 reasons and just liked more of their songs.

  5. wish this band had more recognition, The lyrics are amazing, they perfectly met the background story with emotion, love all the songs but my favorite one is cursed, sorry for you guys that haven't liked Vide Noir

  6. I hope they'll get the recognition they truely deserve. This album is beyond perfect ♥♥♥

  7. I've been listening to Huron for six years now. I'm so proud to see how far they've come. Forever loving you guys. See you in New Orleans. x

  8. This is awsome! I hope that you can get on more live shows sooner! You deserve more recognition, but not too much.

  9. Late night shows have the worst audio for live sets. I love this band and this song, but man the audio sounds bad on this show.

  10. Oh my God This was the promise I made to you I can't wait forever I'm waiting by the river time's running out it seems like it's already been forever call me don't ever let this love in this opportunity go away without giving an opportunity to stay if you just open up your mind the heart give it a chance field then spend the rest of your life happy content excited in love feeling cherished forever

  11. Honestly screw 13 reasons why.
    Known this treasure for 4 years now and proud of it. Lol.

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