LOST a DODGE PICKUP TRUCK Sunk in the Columbia River!

(cable creaking) (winch whirring) – Whoa! – I got it! – Oh, there goes my bags. (Upbeat rock music) – We are back at the Corbett boat ramp where if you saw the last video we did, The S10 pickup, all of this was all under water like, we had like a big
flood came through here, 10 feet higher. We’re going after a pickup truck today, a Dodge. The Dodge is facing about that direction. Next to it is a Toyota pickup, also sitting on it’s
wheels right next to it. Down river, is a car that’s upside down. So what we’re gonna do right now is we’re going to mark the Dodge, get the lift bags on it, get it floating. Anyway, if you guys don’t know Jonathan, he was on the Corvette video. Here, I’ll leave a link to that one if you’ve not seen the Corvette video. I think that was the first viral video you ever been involved in.
– Right. – Could not be doing it without Jonathan and other volunteers like himself so sir, thank you for being here today. – Absolutely. – We’re gonna suit up
and go get in the water. Since we’re at the Columbia
River with the current, we’re actually gonna be taking
the line down to mark it, but tying it off as
well to Jarret’s truck. Jarret here, by the way,
is a fan and a viewer, so Jarret, thanks for coming out today and hanging out with us.
– Yes. – Just drop us a note if
you’re in the Portland area or really anywhere across the US because we are taking the show
on the road and traveling. We’re going to Colorado,
Kentucky, Canada this year, Michigan, Oklahoma, – Jeez. – Georgia, Florida. Like, we’re all over this year, You never know where we’re gonna be, so if you wanna volunteer, drop me a note, and we’ll get you on the map. On that note, in the water we go Jarret. (water splashing) (upbeat music) – Audio, audio check
check check, audio check. Good, good. (water splashing) (breathing) Start heading this
direction now downstream. (breathing) Let’s see if we can run into it. (breathing) – There’s, there’s a truck. (breathing) – I don’t know what that one is. (water bubbling) (breathing) – That’s not the one we’re looking for, here’s an engine, (breathing) and parts of it. (breathing) Oh, it’s a truck. (breathing) It’s a big heavy duty truck. We’ll come back for that one later. Let’s keep going downstream. Oh, Oh, Oh, I just ran into something. What did I run into here? (breathing) Oh yeah, I think this is the Dodge. It’s blue. Quite a bit of silt in here as well. (breathing) That’s the dodge. Okay. – And there’s the Toyota. (breathing) I’m gonna hook this
rope to the back of it, (breathing) and then we’ll swing the bags (breathing) at the back of it and flip it up and around. (chains rattling) (breathing) And then have the tow truck
pull it up from there. (breathing)
(chains rattling) That’ll be the best way to do this one. (water bubbling)
(breathing) Okay. Yep, let’s head on up. (breathing) Up from the rope here, up from the Dodge, is a one ton Dually pick up farm truck. I’m gonna say, late
seventies, early eighties. – Kinda my impression too, yeah. – Yeah, with a great big kind
of a barn door flatbed to it. – Yep. – With a whole bunch
of engine parts in it. – So, we’re gonna come back with that one. I’ll put you in charge of the bag. – Okay. – I’ll take a tank and a chain with me. – Okay. – You go prep, meet be
back at the back wheel. – Okay. (upbeat music) – Hey look, there’s Jonathan. Hey Jonathan. – Hey. (truck door closes) – The downside to all
this right now, Jarret, is that we only have access to one wheel to actually get any lift. In addition to that, the rope is kinda like going downstream, and then back upstream so as soon as Jonathan comes up, we’re gonna see what we can do to tighten up this rope a little bit. In fact, we might just
have you move the truck that way a little bit. Once we do that, then we’ll
get two more bags on it, should be floating. The rest of it’s up to the
tow truck once they get here. That’s the plan. Waiting on Jonathan. How’s it looking? – It’s interesting. – Is it full? – Mostly. – I’m gonna unfasten it
from the truck real quick, I’m gonna hold it right here, have you bring it to the
driver’s side of the truck, we wanna make sure that it
stays on the upstream side. (truck engine running) – Good. It’s down around the front window. – Okay, that’s perfect. Is it? 41? That’s what it’s saying right here. – Oh, I believe it. – At our deepest, yeah. – Yeah. – Or, if you wanna see the
depth and the temperature as you’re watching the video, in the bottom right hand side if you’ve not already noticed that, The Paralenz here records
everything you need to know. Yep, so how deep are we, how cold is it? (upbeat music) (breathing) – All right, back to the truck. (upbeat music) (breathing underwater) (upbeat music) (water bubbling) (breathing) (upbeat music) (waves roaring) – Well then, we got two bags on it, they’re floating. That’s one more bag which
will be up and around. Once we get all that done, then we will just wait
for our tow truck to come, winch it out, and we should be good to go. (waves roaring)
(upbeat music) (breathing underwater) – There we go. (breathing) Turn that tank on. (upbeat music) (breathing) – Okay, there it goes, it’s gonna go. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. (breathing) – Okay, the truck is
standing on it’s nose. (breathing) That’s good news. – I don’t think it’s coming at all. Water bubbling) (breathing) – It wants to come up. The back is up, it’s trying to float. I don’t know if we have
enough lift bags on it though. – Yeah well, actually pulling on the rope, – Yeah, – we can pull in about
15, 10, 15 feet of rope. – Oh perfect. – And you can feel it spinning
as you’re pulling it in. – Hopefully, we can just
get it on it’s wheels. – That’s, yeah, exactly. – My lift bags, currently, are a failure. But the bags themselves
are like incredible, – Right. – Just the whole strapping system, So it’s back to the
drawing board on that one. Let that be a life lesson, don’t give up. We’re gonna get it. But normally we would have
the truck completely floating. But because they’re like clamshelling up, – Right, – ’cause they’re not spread, – They’re not spread out, yeah. – So stay tuned, For some more – What’s the immortal words? – Try, try better, fail, try
better, fail, try better again? – Words of wisdom from Jonathan. – Yeah. (laughs) So we’re gonna get a pretty good pull as we’re trying to pull
it in just by hand. See, we’ve almost pulled
twenty feet in just by hand. – That’s a pretty good movement. – So it should make it real
easy for that tow truck now. – Oh yeah. I mean it’s on it’s nose, so. – Yeah,easy. – Before you go, I got something for ya. So this is Dave Mack, he’s
one of our supporters. In fact, you can become
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to clean up the environment, so go click that join button right now. Mr. Dave Mack, here’s a saw blade for you. – Thank you. – Thanks for supporting us. (truck engine roaring) – Oh, hey Scott. – Hey. – Some people call this
adventure with a purpose. These guys just call this Thursday. (truck engine roaring) – What kind of car is it, Jared? – It’s, a pick up truck,
single cab, Dodge. – Scott and I, make sure you subscribe if
you’ve not already done so, because we’re going on quite
the little adventure today. – We are gonna be way more successful than what is happening right now. – A 30 year old missing bridesmaid. Went missing thirty years ago. Some of the viewers, so we
appreciate you, the viewers, who let us know about these cold cases, – So we know of like the last
known spot that she was in, and then she took off in a
direction towards Astoria, and 30 years later, she’s still missing. So hopefully, this is just a matter of being the first people
there after 30 years and finding this truck. – So, you never know what we’re gonna get into on this channel. So, like I said, be sure to subscribe. Turn on the bell notification, and on that note, hopefully we can get the
tow truck down there today. – What’s with that, is
that part of your costume or whatever? – What do I got,I got mud on me? Is that mud? Oh, I was standing behind the tow truck as it was flinging mud. – I’m going against everything
I’ve ever been taught. – Right. – By coming through this. I’mma try it, I’ll get through there. – This is Elite Towing, these
guys are incredible people. They’re out here on their own dime, volunteering their time, their services, their drivers aren’t getting paid, their company’s not getting paid to help us clean up the environment. Could not be doing this without them. Use the discount code, YouTube, with this phone number,
right here on the screen. If you’re anywhere in the
Portland Metro Vancouver market, they will give you an additional 10% off. Plus the special price on top of that. – Yep. – Good guys, they’re out
here volunteering their time. So, no problem right? Whatever happens, all right, just know that whatever
happens, I’ll record it. – Yeah, oh, I know. I know you’re waiting. – You know, peer pressure’s a real thing. (laughter) – Yeah. – You got it, don’t worry about it. (truck engine roaring) – See, that’s what Brandon did. – Yeah. (laughs) – Close your eyes and punch it. – Good job. – Yeah, we got it in there. You know, when we first started this, we joked, I joked candidly with them about pulling 25 cars out of the river. We had no clue we would be
pulling 25 cars out of the river. And this is number 25. When you’re committed to
doing the right thing, time flies men. – I think today’s 31, maybe 32. – A lot, which is good. – Yeah. Hey, how do you like all of our new, – I love it man. – Straps. – I love it. – Donated by another tow
company that supported us, Pardo’s Towing, I’ll
leave the link right here, incredible people. Supporters of ours, donated four of these and some other underwater
recovery systems, so go check them out. Of course, if you need a
tow, somewhere in Ohio. All right, you’re good to go. (winch creaking) – Whoa! Hey! (upbeat music) – Whoo – Oh no. – Oh, there goes my bags. (giggling) (water splashing) – We had to use an aircraft the last time we lost
float bags on the Columbia, took two days. (Upbeat music) – As you saw, we just ended
up losing the lift bags. – I think with everything that was attached to that rear tire, once it started moving, and
we started actually pulling, it might have got wedged right next to that other truck right next to it. – The Toyota? – The Toyota, and as you’re trying to
wrench it off of that Toyota, it just finally just popped maybe just popped that tire off. – We’re gonna chock it up to
another learning experience is really how we’re
gonna chock this one up. Today’s gonna be dedicated
to breast cancer awareness. Is it safe to say that everybody
here has been affected by somebody that’s had cancer of some sort? – Yep. – I’ve lost a mother in law. And what we actually have
here is a letter that came in from a viewer. Keith and family, his wife Tiffany, and his son even drew me like a little diver’s
rule flag down there. I can’t help everybody, but with the power of this platform, with YouTube, with
Facebook, you the viewers, Tiffany, her husband Keith, their son, they don’t have any insurance, and Tiffany just started chemo. So, I can’t shoutout all GoFundMe’s, but, let’s do what we can for this family. I will leave a link in
the description below, you can check out their updates, and you can decide for yourself if you would like to help out the family. Me personally, I’m gonna donate $50. See if you can match that. Even if you can just do $1 or $5, anything’s going to help this family. Do what you can to help out, and Tiffany, Keith, I hope
this helps you guys out. Thanks for being supporters of ours and thanks to everybody else
for watching what we do. We’ll come back to it, but we wanna be respectful
of Doug, and Elite’s Time. We really appreciate them coming out. So really, on that note, – We tried. – We tried. – That’s it for now. Later later, bye bye. (upbeat music)

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