Lost in the Captions Episode 3 – Tsunami Joke

Koreans ladies and gentlemen This is sliced my moment Welcome to a grand YouTube experiment Let me explain A week or so ago I went to put up with documenting
Google Docs Negara notification and other they are now being voice typing So you can talk to your computer and all type
of what you see now This being Google I thought whether YouTube
already has ultimately captioning and it’s really terrible
and tsunami joke about it on Twitter in give you more of it But then I got this idea Have you ever played with google translate
to see what happens if you translate something into Japanese me back a bunch of times
and see how it restored some changes over time trying to experiment with you to every
weekend You’re going to see a new video with some
minecraft gameplay from the sleigh slim fast server The device will be the same, this message Except every weekend will be reading whatever
it is that you thought I was saying last week Over time we’ll see how well the messages
preserve their perverted and given what I’d seen him YouTube captures this far this can
become hilarious So I hope you’ll join me on this journey and
will take the next step next weekend though And more information about the offensive really
coming shortly As always thank you for watching This is sliced lime and I’ll see you next
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19 thoughts on “Lost in the Captions Episode 3 – Tsunami Joke

  1. I wonder what it will end up with… It is now already going crazy. XD

  2. I have a small question about the Fan Server. If you are NOT accepted for the server, do you get a email that you are NOT accepted for the server

  3. The fight was fun!
    I hope we can do it again sometime 🙂


    "Sliced my moment"

  4. This moment when you did not watched the 2 first episodes and are like : "wait why does he puts Episode 3 in the title if he's starting the experiment?"

  5. Yep… Just played it back a few times- I had the last shot on the dragon, have the egg, and got some levels for once. xD

  6. Several episodes from now, I have no idea how you're going to prevent yourself from laughing while reading. xD

  7. Hey @slicedlime I recently donated to become patreon to get on your fan server. My ign is TheeMX. I've just been spectating on your server waiting to get on. Thanks

  8. It's time to continue our dance with YouTube's interpretation of what I'm saying. Tsunami joke?

  9. But what you read is different from the captions I read in the previous video?

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