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Alright, so we’re here in the interceptor 002 on the Klang River, in Malaysia … That’s a Teddy bear! I don’t know… who throws in a Teddy bear
but it’s coming The first thing that the debris encounters is the “bearier” that you see over here… I swear we didn’t put this Teddy bear in it just comes by because everything here flows by in the River Klang it goes in debris then goes up in the conveyor belt… Ridiculous So come onboard so…
the debris is guided by the “bearier” into the conveyor belt
conveyor belt takes it up the Interceptor then… If you follow me And what you see is that
the conveyor belt takes the debris up and then puts it into what we call the shuttle which is over there
It’s basically a basket on wheels so in a bit you’ll see the… this is ridiculous
Okay, so the debris is on the shuttle And once it’s full what happens is that
the shuttle moves and brings it to To one of the dumpsters, that’s not full yet So here it is And there you have it Interceptor number 002
operational in the Klang River

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  1. There is a level of thought that should occur in the bigger picture, and from a systems perspective we must think of the interactions i.e the undesired vs desired outputs.

    A) clean river of larger plastics and waste – desired – doing a great job

    B) Allowing the eco system to recover – Desired – the solution achieves part of the solution but not the full solution, by removing the biomass from the rivers one would expect that the river takes longer to recover.

    C) removing Biomass from the river – Undesired – this is the first rendition of the working concept, there of course can be improvements but to secure further investment success must be shown to shareholders for at least one of the desired outputs.

  2. What do you do with all the organic material that's collect, and does it not distrube the local ecosystem?

  3. We should come up with plastic laws to found these. Every company that produce and use plastic should pay for mess they created. It's not only consumers foult and responsibilities to recycle. We consumers start paying for plastic bags locally but it's not enough.. there are air pollution taxes.. where they don't doing shit to clean the air or planting couple trees not gonna cut it. I remember days of reuseble milk bottles, Coke and etc.. why we can't get back to it. Tax the fckin plastic so high so it's gonna be not profitable to use it.. support and grant those who use organic and reusable packing etc. Out off that collected taxes.. it's not to late to save our green planet.. it's our mission to fix baby-boomers greedy practices!! Let them pay for the mess they created..

  4. I would pay for an interceptor Lego model made of recycled plastic if anyone wants to get working on that

  5. 1) Lots of trash was accumulated behind the barrier.
    2) Lots of branches,leaves and other organic matter is been collected and deposited as trash.
    3)What about the small trash that pass through the mesh conveyor?

  6. Who throw the Teddy bear….do you know teddy bear also have a feeling (Toy Story 5)

  7. It is very impressive. It is amazing what you all are doing. It also looks like there is a lot of biomass being picked up in the process: branches, leaves – things that would naturally decompose…could that be a potential issue down the road?

  8. I'm sorry I really don't know why they throw the teddy bear, for me is like they throw their own baby 😂 I feel bad for that teddy bear. Sorry teddy bear

  9. That's pathetic and laughable. Your conveyor belt showed about 97% of the river debris were leaves and twigs – standard river rubbish, not plastic. If you are serious about your claim of the Interceptor's functionality to collect river plastic, then show a video of it in operation in South East Asia, where you claim that three of them are in operation.

  10. Nice machine that will help to clean up our water and beaches. We can be happy about that !

  11. At least in this short sample, seems like way more organic debris than plastic.

  12. He is looking like "Bruh, I just wanted to swim a bit, wtf are you doing with me"

  13. You diddint put the teddybear in but you did wait for the container to fill up. And i see more wood then debrie

  14. A girl gave me a teddy keychain when i was im primary school. I flushed it down the toilet when i found out she gave one to my friend too. I guess my teddy grow and ends up in Klang River

  15. Upside down teddy bear smiling as it "flops" down onto the shuttle. That was enjoyable to watch.

  16. The design is horrible, this construction should live on the water so why don’t aerodynamic design and more solar implementation should be fine. You lose a lot of energy in these processes, imagine this Maschine have to be autonomous so it need some improvements.

  17. Great idea. The rivers all clean a plastic free.
    So now what do you do with the large containers of plastics?
    Package it all up and ship it to China and pass the costs to US taxpayers like we currently do for some large cities here in the US today??

  18. Hahah lol its good to clean the water buth er is no climate change the government is lying hahaha fake new hahah people dont believe this fucking shit 😂😂😂

  19. 😥😥😥why did you not rescue the teddy bear 🧸🙀🙀🙀🐻🐻🐻😥😥😥😥😥😥

  20. Hopefully the organic materials will be separated from the plastics for better use ❤️👌🙌

  21. Liberals will call it a massive clean up.
    "Saving our planet."
    Because, if we don't, we'll all die in 6 years.

  22. These people are scams don’t give them a penny!! Watch them most likely go delete my comment! Look it up they are real scams The way they take & use the money!

  23. Yeah there just happens to be just 1 Clean teddy bear🧸 right exactly where he was standing, No other trash or anything just one CLEAN simple teddy bear LOL I may have not done it, but someone who works with definitely dead because that is some coincidence & is the most common way in war zones etc. to make something stand out to look more dramatic…… if ur there falling for these Fuking scammers, rather than putting it to better use, Then u actually deserve to lose it.

  24. great idea but it needs to restrict to trash only! You're just wasting your time picking up sticks and leaves.

  25. Confirmation bias looking for a solution. Until you control the problem (third world country education on dumping) you wont fix this issue. This is like us trying to filter our rivers AFTER the toxic waste dumped in for 50 years. The solution is to stop the dumping. You are only incentivizing people to keep dumping. Cuz people like you will clean it up. Fix the source, fix the problem…..

  26. I have a similar idea to clean up the large trash island in the pacific…my idea is very close to ur boat but i considered retrofitting some US Navy boats to do the same thing jus in a larger capacity…good work on your boat!

  27. Was that the Muslim call to prayer? Creepy. I don't EVER want to hear that in my home town.

  28. Then some magazine and award bodies will give their award or person of the year to a hindsight girl who does nothing but to blame politicians instead to this guy.

  29. Any suspects in the bear murder? Possibly a suicide that floated from the island of misfit toys?

  30. So what keeps people from polluting the river ,because they know this is there which erases the responsibility of people being responsible ???

  31. I thought this was going to be interesting and informative. It was just a man giggling at trash for 2 minutes.

  32. I BE BACK ! 🐝 THE NATURE WARNING ! Local,Bio 😏
    https://youtu.be/n3NJGM1DHSc 👍💕

  33. Faut le soutenir se petit. C'est une excellente💡 initiative pour l'environnement qu'il à eu. Bravo 👏👏👏

  34. Хорошая идея избавляться от "цивилизованного"мусора и трупов диких и 🏠 ашних животных. Лайк.

  35. I really like this campaign, but why don't you rescue this little teddy bear? Should be washable and a little child would be happy. Instead you are using it for your clip as trash which is sorted out. No like from me.

  36. Is the garbage being collected where the barrier meets the mouth of the boat going to get fix?

  37. Removing plastic at the source is a brilliant idea, and will definitely help reduce oceanic pollution.

    That said, the interceptor appears to also remove a large quantity of organic matter (leaves, branches, etc.). Has any research been done into the potential effects that removing this organic material may have on the oceanic ecosystem?

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