Louisiana Floods 1-Year Later: Rebuilding Together

We were watching the news and we was
hearing that it was going to be raining and flooding but not even really
realizing that, you know, we’re in that area to be affected. And so we opened up
the door and then there was just like a lake. I really don’t know how we made it
out. The first thing that goes through your head is you’ve got to get home
because you don’t have nowhere else to go. The Red Cross would bring us meals and fed me Brandy and Matt for the week and it was
really good. We live like outside the city limits. So for Red Cross to have come all the way out here that’s something. That says a lot, you know. No one’s left behind kind of feeling. Immediately after the floods all
of us at Rebuilding Together had the same thought – we’ve got to do something. We’ve got to make sure that we are helping our neighbors our community get
back to their normal, whatever that looks like. So that included helping them move
their items out, which was emotionally heartbreaking. And then when we were finally
able to do that, it was the cleaning. Making sure that we got the mold out, so it was, you know, habitable for them to return. To reinstalling the walls and
the insulation and the painting the texturing – really adding the things that
make a home a home. That’s what we’ve been doing. But it would not be possible
to do all of this without the financial assistance that we’ve gotten from the
Red Cross. Well Brandy has Down Syndrome; she’s not
vocal. As a mother you’re born to protect. You’re born to protect a child. You know
we lost everything and the Red Cross and Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge helped put
my baby’s room back together again. And this is Brandy’s room. You just do not
know what that is for a mother when you think you can’t do – someone else got your back, doing it for you. You all are the ones who bring the gift
of possibility.

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