Lovely Rohui and Seungjae’s outing to Han river [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]

Rohui! Rohui, wait for me. Hold my hand. – No. / – No? No? You look like a tragic male lead. You hurt Seungjae’s feelings. (What happened between them?) What on earth happened between them? (One hour ago, Han River Park) There are alligators in this river. (What? Alligators?) There are no alligators. There are ducks here. That’s right. There are only ducks here. – Let’s ride the duck boat. / – Let’s do that. – Me, too. / – Shall we ride the duck boat? The loser will pay for snacks. – Sure. / – The game is on. It’s a duck boat match with snacks on the line. (Both sides are overly determined.) Let’s ride the duck boat. Let’s take this one. On the first lane is a man with muscles of steel, exceptional reflexes and stamina. The man who protects two fairies, Ki Taeyoung. – Let’s ride the duck boat. / – Let’s do that. On the second lane is a skinny man. (Both of them have power and energy.) But he would dive into the waters for his son. The man who resembles a flying fish, Ko Jiyong. We will start, make a turn at the blue ball and meet back here. – Let’s go. / – Ready, set, go. Both teams start. – Let’s go. Go, go. / – Go, go. Faster. – Go, go. / – Go, go. (What is that noise?) Let’s say “Let’s go” together. Let’s go. Faster. Let’s go. (Both teams move towards the halfway point.) I’m on a duck boat. We’re on a duck boat. (There is no time to relax.) I told you to go faster. (She’s strict.) I will go faster. Wish me luck. Faster. Let’s not bump into the other boat. (Grabbing) (Seungjae suddenly pulls the key.) Look at this. Gosh, Seungjae. – What are you doing? / – Go faster. – Seungjae. / – I am doing a good job, right? – Let me do it. / – No, we shouldn’t go that way. (They shouldn’t go further in the opposite direction.) (Rohui’s boat is leading thanks to Seungjae.) – My goodness. / – Come on. This is exhausting. I am exhausted. – I want to ride the duck boat again. / – Again? This is crazy. My legs will break if we ride it again, Seungjae. The waves are too strong. (Waves shake the duck boat.) We can’t go forward because of the waves. While Rohui’s boat is struggling, Jiyong pilots the boat with all his strength. (He adjusts the engine to go faster.) Seungjae. Seungjae is right next to us. (Jiyong caught up in no time.) – Faster. / – Rohui, I am exhausted. (The final spurt) Who will become the winner of the impassioned duck boat race? (Seungjae’s boat won!) (Taeyoung came in a second later.) (He is exhausted.) Good work. Since you won, I will pay for snacks. I am 40 years old. I can’t be as strong as someone in his 30s. (He savors the victory.) You went against everyone’s expectation. What do you mean by that? That’s offensive. I am a bit younger than him. It’s obvious I’d win. I had no reason to lose. Seungjae, I won. – I won. / – That’s right. You won. Rohui, did you have fun? Yes, duck boat was fun. I had fun, too. I am running. I am running. I am fast. Rohui. I will be there soon. Please wait a second. Rohui, wait for me. Hold my hand. Hold his hand. (Seungjae tries to hold Rohui’s hand.) – No. / – No? No? You look like a tragic male lead. (The tragic male lead is in shock and unable to move.) You look like a tragic male lead. Come on. You hurt Seungjae’s feelings. (He tries to hold her hand again.) (You are pulling my leg, right?) (We were excited to meet each other.) (You are a sister I want to look after.) (I was happy to play with you.) Please give me a bite – of strawberry ice cream. / – Give her a bite. You have blueberry ice cream. (He’s firm.) (I am upset.) (Don’t you remember our time of discontent?) What will we do about this big belly? (You shouldn’t have said that.) What’s up with you? Rohui, hold his hand. (Let go of me.) I will hold Dad’s hand. – I will hold Dad’s hand. / – Rohui, hold his hand. I will hold Dad’s hand. My goodness. What’s up with you? (The lover boy is left by himself.) (War between the loving children) You hurt Seungjae’s feelings. (He is in tatters.) Let’s go. Rohui, where are we going? – Up the stairs we go. / – Stairs? – Are you sad that she didn’t hold your hand? / – Yes. Rohui… (He can’t even walk straight.) Rohui only wants to hold her dad’s hand. You did it. You won’t need to hold my hand. Give it a go. That’s right. (Would you let go of Dad’s hand and hold mine?) Rohui, you can do it. (He gives love unconditionally.) Rohui, you can do it. Rohui, you came in first. (Really? Did I come first?) Rohui, you came in first. First. Rohui, don’t go. (Seungjae can only stare at Rohui’s back.) Seungjae, hurry up. (I am coming.) The weather is nice. (The chic fairy talks about the weather for no reason.) The weather is nice, right? There are a lot of people. – Let’s lay it down over here. / – Is that a mat? Yes, it’s a mat. – A mat. / – Yes. Since I lost, I will go and buy snacks with the kids. – I will be here. / – Please save the spot. (Seungjae’s level of excitement goes up.) Will you be all right? – Yes, well… / – It won’t be easy. – Let’s go! / – Hold my hand. – It’s this way. / – See you soon. Dad, I will be back soon. See you soon. See you soon. (Smiling) He will struggle. He only has a quiet daughter. It will be a good experience. (Jiyong thinks it will be a good experience.) – Seungjae, what do you want to eat? / – Chocolate. Chocolate. This is great. (Talking about chocolate excites him again.) (He puts his head between Taeyoung’s legs.) (Flustered) I feel like I am playing rugby. – Let’s go. / – Chocolate. (Chocolate?) All right. Let’s go. It’s a pigeon! Fly, pigeon! – Fly, pigeon! / – Hello, Seungjae. Hello, Seungjae. (I am so popular.) Lightning power! (They give a big reaction.) Lightning power! (Taeyoung and Rohui are fascinated by him.) Lightning power! (Screaming) (He doesn’t stop.) Seungjae. Seungjae. Seungjae, look at me. – Seungjae. / – Let’s go. Will they be able to reach the convenience store? (My goodness.) Strawberry snack. (I want to hurry up and buy strawberry snack.) Strawberry snack? (He suddenly stops.) It’s a puppy. Hello, puppy. Hello, puppy. Look at the puppy. Dad, touch it. Puppy. Puppy. (Patting) Pat it. Don’t you want to? Rohui, don’t dislike the puppy. (Shall I give it a snack?) Give small pieces. Puppy, open wide. I gave the puppy a snack. Eat it. (It looks fun, but I’m scared. I want to do it.) (Seungjae gives Rohui the snack.) (Did he read Rohui’s mind?) Give it to the puppy. (She throws the snack from a distance.) (She is proud of herself.) Puppy, eat more snacks tomorrow. You get one today. – Eat more snacks tomorrow. / – Let’s go buy snacks. – Bye, puppy. / – Bye. – See you later, puppy. / – Sorry for the trouble. Sorry for the trouble. Seungjae, your dad will wait all day for us. (They run towards the convenience store.) Let’s run. There you go. We are here. (He runs towards the target.) Where is Seungjae? Seungjae already picked a snack. (I don’t see what I want.) Dad, find my strawberry snack. (Rohui wants strawberry snack.) Rohui wants strawberry snack. (Seungjae looks for strawberry snack.) There is no strawberry snack. (Rohui will be disappointed.) Rohui, let’s eat this one. It’s tasty. Water jelly? Rohui, let’s eat this one instead. – I am sorry. / – I don’t know what this is. Let’s take them to the counter. Let’s eat the snacks here. Let’s do that. – Let’s sit here. / – Shall we sit here? – Please unwrap it. / – I can do that. (She puts a snack in her mouth) (and keeps her eyes on Seungjae’s snack.) (That looks so delicious.) Here you go. (Should I ask him for a bite?) (She keeps looking at Seungjae’s chocolate.) Seungjae locked eyes with Rohui. What will he do? (She spits out her snack.) I don’t want this. Why don’t you want it? She wants yours. (I want what Seungjae is giving me.) (Biting) Here. Eat this, too. (Yes, this is what I wanted.) She probably really likes him now. (Seungjae is busy feeding Rohui.) (She opens her mouth wide.) Please give me one more bite. (The chocolate drops on Rohui.) (He holds the spoon with his mouth) (and kindly puts the chocolate into her mouth.) Thank you, Seungjae. (She thanks Seungjae.) (Happy) Rohui, you’re so lovable. Seungjae and Rohui became closer thanks to chocolate. (He tries to grab her hand.) (He ponders on whether he should grab her hand or not.) (I’m embarrassed.) (Glancing) Let’s get it started. (Let’s get it started.) (He finally grabs Rohui’s hand.) In one, two, three. Let’s go. Let’s go. Maybe not. (He got too ahead of himself.) (Embarrassed) – It’s delicious. / – Really? – It’s very refreshing. / – Is it? But I feel sorry for your dad. We’re eating snacks without him. Hey, Seungjae. What took you guys so long? Did Seungjae give you a hard time? Did you behave yourself, Seungjae? – Did you behave yourself, Seungjae? / – That’s mine. That’s not yours. It’s Seungjae’s. Give it to me. I want it. Give it to me. Rohui, here’s a present for you. My goodness. (I can’t look at her.) – Thank you. / – That was so nice of you. (I can manage without that toy.) You got tired of waiting, didn’t you? I was worried since it’s getting dark. Our wives might be worried. We should call them. (They call their mothers.) What’s that? – Hello. / – Hello. – It’s Rohui and her dad. / – Mom! Hello. – Hello. / – Look. – Hi, Rohui. / – Look, Rohui. Mom! Mom, you should join us. Mom, you should drive over here. Seungjae, are you having fun with Rohui? Yes. Seungjae keeps following Rohui. Seungjae, Rohui is really pretty, isn’t she? (He suddenly avoids looking at her.) Seungjae, who’s prettier? Your mom or Rohui? (That kind of question is so difficult to answer.) Who’s prettier? Your mom or Rohui? Mom’s prettier. – Is your mom prettier? / – Yes. Seungjae, who’s prettier? Your mom or Rohui? He can’t seem to answer. Why aren’t you answering? – His mom’s prettier. / – After I go to… She said his mom’s prettier. Seungjae, you can say Rohui’s prettier. It’s okay. Seungjae, have fun with Rohui and your dad. Rohui, let’s say hi to your mom. Let’s talk to her. (This time, they call Eugene.) Hello? – Hi. / – Rohui. – Here, say hi. / – Hello. (Sechs Kies and S.E.S meet each other.) – Hello. / – You should say hi to her. Hello. – Yes, he says hello. / – Hi. You’ve never met Jiyong, have you? I only saw him a couple times. I see. Back in the days, we used to run into each other a lot. Back then, we were… (Back in 1990, they were teenagers.) We were teenagers. (Their teenage years) (were when they used to be most radiant.) (At the same time and place,) (they fiercely but happily competed with each other.) (Jiyong, Eugene) (They both spent their teenage years as singers.) (Those years still only feel like yesterday.) But we’ll both turn 40 in a couple of years. We’ve both become parents. We’ve aged so much. I saw Rohui for the first time today. She’s so pretty. – Thank you. / – Put this sticker on me. Please put this sticker on me. (The kids just enjoy the moment.) – Let’s say goodbye. / – Bye. – See you. / – Yes, let’s see each other again. See you.

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