Lower Suktel Dam destroying Tribal’s livelihood – Satya Banchhor reports for IndiaUnheard

Where will we find such a place? Where do we go and where do we live? Where will find these Mahua trees,
flowers & leaves? For past 3 months, after we take care of the kitchen, we go and collect Mahua flowers. How long have you been collecting these Mahua flowers? I have been married for 10 years. My father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandfather and everyone has been collecting Mahua flowers even before that. We have our own tree. In the area affected by the Lower Suktel Dam project, people collect the Mahua flowers and sustain themselves for 2 months. The 2013 policy that has been implemented for them, does not have any package for those dependent on Mahua for their livelihood. All of them will be bereaved of it after being evicted. To include compensation for those dependent on Mahua trees for their livelihood in the the 2013 policy going to be implemented at Lower Suktel, please call the District Collector of Bolangir, M. Mutthu Kumar on +91-9437023381 and pressurize him to include provision for those affected. Please support the people of Lower Suktel.

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