Loyal to Local, James River Transportation

so I started really early on, this is a
family business, probably around ten years old I started writing baggage tags
because we would do tours for different groups and I would get paid two dollars
an hour I’m Steven Story, president at James
River transportation. James River started in 1928 and we started bringing people
in from outside of the city into downtown to either work or shop. As we
all got our own cars that commuter service kind of died down so we needed
to do charter or rent in a transition from a kind of charter based company to
a companies kind of expanded our customer base and developed contracts
that help a level load the business I think the James River transportation
is one of the best transportation companies in North America and we know
that from comparing statistics with other companies and measuring ourselves
against the best. So the transportation industry has has really evolved over
many decades the part that’s changed the most is the expectations and the
experience of course we started out with buses in 1928 now we have large buses we
have small buses we have medium buses we have vans we have cars that we do at our
airport service so that market has has completely changed over the years so
that anyone with a transportation need can come to us. Probably one of the most
fun things is the variety and in terms of local businesses it’s fun to be part
of the Richmond community whenever there’s a big convention in town we’re
involved with that, whenever there’s a festival in town we’re involved with
that. James River has become a big part of the Richmond landscape, a big part of
the Richmond business community, and a big part of the Richmond, just community
itself. A lot of the organizations that we
participate in are for school related activities, church related activities, the
Armed Forces, the military, all branches. We think that’s really
important to make sure we support those organizations. You have to be very active
in your community and staying active creates that foothold and makes you part
of the community. I think it’s really great to look at some of the historical photos and some of those photos have James over buses in it downtown, even some and
cobblestone streets, and to me that that’s very cool, and to see how long that
history is. I’m Steven story and I’m loyal to local

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