Lumenator – Maxxeon Workstar 5000 Series LED Work Light | Fasteners 101

The Luminator series of area lights. Industrial grade lights with a magnetic base. That’s this light fixture right here. They feature special lenses, LEDs, to create an ultra-wide floodlight. The senior version has a USB port to charge cellphones, tablets, and penlights. This area light has three light settings: That’s off, low, medium, high. That’s your three light settings. When you are working in a dark area, you can move the light. Set it at different degrees and angles. It has this heavy magnetic connection. You can take this fastener off also and fix it to something else. The buttons are in the back, and the rechargeable outlet is in the back. Lumenators can work with an optional tripod and make free-standing lights or a rafter plate for attaching to rafters and studs. Two hours on high. So in high mode, you get two hours. Five hours in medium mode. Nine hours in low mode. Recharge time is going to be three hours on this fixture.

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