Luminite Inflatable Light Tower – Emergency Lighting

Luminite is now being used all over North America. It’s an affordable lighting solution which can be set up by one person. It inflates and reaches full brilliance in under 3 minutes. Just take the lid off, plug it in, turn on the inflation switch, and then turn on the light. Luminite Towers can be ordered in a variety of sizes from 7ft to 15ft to suit every situation. Confined spaces, major disaster situations, hard to get to sites, and hazardous locations. These inflatable towers give you light where lighting trucks cannot go. And Luminite Towers are easily deployed, weighing only 66 lb each. Luminite Towers can be ordered with customized removable message bands which wrap around the tower. This allows the Luminite to also double as a marker or rallying point at major intervention sites. Luminite has many applications including: fire scenes, road side incidents, investigations, underground situations, and many more. Running on 110 volts and drawing only 8.5 amps, up to two of them can be run on a small generator when a site has no power. Luminite is easy to use, durable, and extremely quiet. And it gives you soft, ambient light that is easy on the eyes with fewer shadows than conventional lighting. With several Luminite Towers on the scene, you will keep your personnel safe and help them do their jobs more quickly. Luminite – your partner in safety.

2 thoughts on “Luminite Inflatable Light Tower – Emergency Lighting

  1. This is cool. I always thought i would need the trailer mast light. This is great.

  2. I like it. Unlike a light tower, it can fit in a truck or van and can be used indoors.

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