Lund 3 1/2 inch Oval Bull Bar with LED Light Bar

Antinea: Hi, I am Antinea Ascione with the talking to Jason Goucci [SP] of Lund. So Jason tell us about the new product? Jason: Well, with this bull bar we want to
come out with something different, something cool, something unique so we came out with
this three and half inch oval bull bar in two different finishes, one is stainless steel
finish but this finish right here is the powdered coated wrinkled finish, very unique and matches
some of the rock rails that we offer as well as some custom bumpers out there in the industry.
We also have this integrated LED light bar that’s in the cross beam so it’s very easy
to install. It’s actually a laser star light bar it produces 54 watts which is about 200
watts of incandescent lighting, it’s a flood light, and we recommend it for off road use

2 thoughts on “Lund 3 1/2 inch Oval Bull Bar with LED Light Bar

  1. I have this on my 2015 Toyota Tacoma. I really like the way it looks on my truck!!! Great product!!!

  2. Why isn't this available on '16 Ram 1500 Sport? Bull bar looks great but according to Lund's website, only 2 products are made for that truck. Definitely not good.

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