LUXJET 1.5M Motion Sensor 👍🏼 Rope 💡Light LED 📝Review

Oh today I’m going to be doing a review
on a product from Lux jet now Lux jet contacted me and wanted to know if I’d
like to try a product for free in exchange for my honest opinion
so I used the product and I’m here to review it and it’s called Lux jets
motion sensor flexible strip light so let’s get started as you can see it’s
going to come in a package like this and you’ll have a paper in it like that and
you will also have your little remote control and that takes three Triple A
batteries and along with that it’s a motion sensor you
it has an adhesive on the back it’s a 3m adhesive and it’s a strip that goes all
along and you would peel off the paper and then stick it wherever you need it
and I really like it it comes on the reel that I showed you right here in the
video and then you would just remove it off the reel remove the paper and stick
it wherever you want some accent lighting and this is really great Bob I
personally put this under I have a little island and I put it under the
counter that hangs over where the cabinets stick out and create a little
ledge so you can put it underneath and you would have nice lighting underneath
your cabinet so you could put this under your bed and you could put this under
your couch now you might have seen my other review
where I had another strip light from Lux jet that I put in my closet that’s a
different one it had a motion sensor as well this has a motion sensor so for
instance if you are in bed and you put that under your bed and you want to just
leave it on motion sensor then whenever you get out of bed so you use the
bathroom in the middle of the night or and you want to see your slippers or if
you have to get up at any point in time then instead of being total darkness or
putting it a bright light what hurts your eyes when you just wake up in the
dark you could put your feet down and the motion sensor will sense you and the
lights were gone under your bed and what I like about this is you could put these
just about anywhere you want that and I like this one it has a strip now the
last one I showed you was a USB charger below motion sensor I’m showing you now
is run by batteries instead so you would just get three Triple A batteries put
them in and it also has 3m velcro adhesive that you can stick anywhere and
as you can see in the video that I have put up over there and you can see the
way I put it now I put it on my counter I could see in my dura
I can also see in the cabinet below and what I don’t want that I can shut it off
you know if I chose to use it as just a motion sensor then every time I walked
up to it it would light up so you can find the Lux jet shop on Amazon and I’m
going to be putting the link for this item below this video in the description
box so if you click the link and check out the lux jet motion sensor flexible
LED strip lights on Amazon extreme motion sensor lights provide enough
light to make sure you never stumble in the dark because we all know what that’s
like you don’t want to put a bright light on in the middle of the night when
you get up to use the restroom or wherever you know if you have a baby and
you have to get up in the middle of the night you don’t have to stumble around
you can find your slippers you can find your way and I think that’s a good idea
it’s energy-saving and environmentally friendly and ensures an extra long life
for your light it’s simple installation like I said it
has a 3m adhesive strip and it’s easily attached and detachable there’s no tool
screws or nuts that are required and I really enjoy using it and I really like
it and I definitely would recommend this it’s a good quality I
I even know you probably want to apply they probably want to apply this to a
nice clean surface wherever you gonna go maybe take a sponge or a paper towel
wipe the area down so it’s clean and not dusty and then wait for that to be dry
and then go ahead and apply it and it should stick beautifully you might have
to go like that a little bit just to make sure it’s adhered and then that’s
it go ahead hook your motion sensor up and relax so really this is a great
lighting source and I really enjoy it and it’s practical it would recommend
this this good quality it works nicely don’t forget to go check out the link
below this video in the description box click that and go check out the
stick shop on Amazon so thanks for watching bye

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