Mackinaw River Float

Music There’s a little bit of water, so that’s good. been kind of a drought. So we’re going to shove off.
-Probably eight miles of water and eight miles of gravel, so we’ll see. grocery here’s ken the end of the
glaciers is where they stopped so that’s fine so we could be on the verge or
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places that’s from canada through the glaciers via states michael it’s great basin and that’s portraits or return media and
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3 thoughts on “Mackinaw River Float

  1. Neat video! You have a wealth of information. Would love to take a trip down the river with you guys.

    P.S. Have a kayak 😉

  2. cool video.More than I ever knew was going on around me. I go fishing by Carlock often and Mushroom hunting.One of the few places where i can go and relax and feel like hasn't totally change it from its original form.

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