Magic the Gathering: Guide to Blue Cards : Deluge Blue Card in Magic the Gathering

MIKE LOPEZ: Hi. I’m Mike Lopez with Expert
Village. And today, we’ll be discussing the blue cards from the blue block of Magic: The
Gathering. And now, we’re going to go over Deluge. Deluge is a blue spell under the blue
block. It is in the basic set which means it is currently type two legal, which means
it’s the highest legal qualification. It means you could play it in any card. Once again,
it’s a very, very useful card for all the little creatures, and you’re going to see
why. The reason you’re going to see why is because it’s two and a blue. Once again, control–blue
is all about control. It’s an instant, which means you get to play it during any phase
of the game. Now, this taps all creatures without flying. Once again, blue has a lot
of fairies, a lot of flyers, a lot of owls, birds, creatures and a lot of the other decks,
especially all the other colors, run little creatures, but all the creatures normally
do not have flying. So it doesn’t matter how big the creatures are, you can tap them which
means you can tap them before the opponent gets to use them, before the opponent attacks
or you can tap them all when you’re attacking and none of them can block. This is a very,
very, very powerful card. It’s an uncommon. It will usually run you about 40-50 cents
at your local store since it’s in the basic set. And if you’re running a creature-heavy
blue deck, you should play this card.

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