Magnificent Mekong: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City from Viking River Cruises

(bright music) – [Narrator] In the heart
of exotic Southeast Asia, opportunities for exploration await. Discover two countries, two
cultures and two ways of life, linked by one powerful river. Join Viking River Cruises
and explore the heart of these vibrant countries on
a remarkable 15 day journey. Set your sights on Hanoi, former capital of French Indochina. Explore the center of this dynamic, 1000 year old Asian capital. Meander the 36 streets by cyclo, the ubiquitous passenger
bicycles of Southeast Asia. Wander the grounds of
the Ho Chi Minh Memorial and pause to reflect at
the infamous Hanoi Hilton. – It’s fascinating. Very entertaining and very educational. We’ve had a absolute ball. – [Narrator] A world
away from bustling Hanoi, Cambodia holds a wealth of
inspiring temples and monuments. None is more captivating than Angkor Wat, an immense Unesco World Heritage site, built in the 12th century AD. And at the mysterious Bayan Temple, you can ponder the meaning
behind the enigmatic smiles on the carved faces. Sail with Viking along
the magnificent Mekong in both Cambodia and Vietnam. Along the way, witness nature and villages seemingly untouched by time. – Absolutely fabulous
food, people, culture, and it was just incredible. – [Narrator] With Viking,
a visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s breathtaking capital, provides unforgettable experiences. – It was fantastic. Just absolutely captivated me. – [Narrator] Beyond
the mesmerizing Mekong, lies impressive Ho Chi
Minh City, formerly Saigon. Look out for traces of
French Colonial culture in this vibrant city. Visit the War Remnants Museum,
the Reunification Palace, or Cholon, the city’s Chinatown. – [Woman] It’s really a neat way to see a different part of the world. – It’s fabulous. We’re enjoying our accommodations, the food’s wonderful,
the service is great. Viking is a first-class operation. – [Narrator] Beyond
the magnificent Mekong, Viking offers pre and
post-cruise extension packages, to further enhance your
Southeast Asia adventure. Before or after your cruise tour, explore Halong Bay’s
remarkable rock formations and enjoy an overnight
stay in a deluxe hotel. Followed by an overnight in Hanoi to enjoy more of this striking city. And you may also extend your
exploration of Southeast Asia with a three night stay in
Bangkok, capital of Thailand and one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. With Viking, you’ll get to
know the real Southeast Asia. Your cruise includes one or
more escorted tours each day, all led by English-speaking guides. And when you explore with
Viking, your journey is enhanced by our culture curriculum program. – We loved it. Tours were great, the tour
guides were very good, very knowledgeable, they
really knew their country. – [Narrator] To ensure you
experience Southeast Asia in comfort, Viking has partnered with the world’s finest hosts for both your cruise and
hotel accommodations. Relax onboard your ship, a
beautifully handcrafted vessel, specifically designed to navigate
even the most remote areas of the Mekong River. Enjoy delicious meals from
an abundant breakfast buffet, to a multi-course dinner
featuring regional specialties. – It’s been very good. They make you feel at home. – [Narrator] Come explore the
magnificent Mekong in comfort, with Viking River Cruises. You’ll enjoy an enriching,
enlightening voyage, with memories to last a lifetime. (upbeat music)

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