Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Osaka; no tsunami warning issued

Now for a look at the stories topping the
world headlines this Monday morning,… and we begin with the latest coming in from Japan. A strong tremor reaching magnitude five-point-nine
hit the Osaka region of the island nation this morning,… For more on this and other news around the
world, we go live to our Ro Aram at the news center. Aram,… the last time I checked,… there
were no immediate reports of injuries or damage,… any change there? No change on that front just yet,… but as
to what happened,… an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5-point-9 struck
Japan’s Osaka region… a little before 8AM local time. Japan’s weather agency reported that the quake
hit inland at a depth of 10 kilometers,… and issued no tsunami warning. Although we have yet to learn of any injuries
or damage caused by the quake,… we know that power outages had been reported and train
services within the city were halted, causing some inconvenience for commuters on Monday
morning. And we will be watching for any developments
coming from that region.

7 thoughts on “Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Osaka; no tsunami warning issued

  1. tweet: We are very sorry and are praying for your people. God bless you, Japan.

  2. only 4 killed, not comparable the millions of lives of victims by the atrocities of Japanese soldiers in WW2

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