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ICI is proud to announce a new product…
OE Lighting Solutions. Aftermarket lighting is gaining popularity,
especially for off-road vehicles. The problem is most lights don’t come with any way to
mount them to your vehicle. ICI has solved that problem. OE Lighting Solutions are brackets
that allow you to mount most off-road and driving lights to your vehicle.
OE Lighting Solutions can be used for side or top-mounted driving lights, for center
bumper mounted lights and more. There are too many applications for OE Lighting
Solutions to cover in this short video, so we will focus on one of the more popular lighting
solutions. Today we will show you how to mount new lights in a Ford F-150 factory bumper.
Let’s get started. You will need the following tools: a drill,
a socket wrench, open-ended needle nose pliers, and a Philips head screwdriver.
The first step is to open the hood of your vehicle and disconnect the negative battery
terminal. It is best to do this when your vehicle is cool. Next, remove the front license plate mount.
Some frames are clipped in place, others may need to be removed with a drill. If your state
requires a front license plate, you may need to re-mount the plate in another location
after installing the light. Locate the two 8mm by 25mm factory bolts located
just inside of the bumper opening on either side next to the factory splash guard. Using
a 10mm socket wrench, remove the bolts. Set the bolts aside for re-installation.
Next, mount your choice of LED light bar, or series of individual lights, to the bracket.
Align the light mounting hardware with the holes located on the light bracket.
Tighten the bolts fully before installing in the vehicle.
When installing lights, we recommend you use ICI’s Light Locks with your brackets. Light
Locks are tamper resistant nuts and bolts that prevent theft.
The next step is to align the bracket with the factory holes inside the bumper opening. Now install the bracket using the two factory
8mm bolts. The LED Light bar should already be mounted to the bracket, prior to installing
the bracket in the truck. Hold off on fully tightening the bolts until you have connected
the wires and adjusted the lights appropriately. Now we will mount the Fog Lights.
First disconnect the factory fog light wires. Remove the bolts holding the black plastic
fog light brackets to the bumper. There will be three bolts on each side. Slide the pocket
out of the bumper. Remove the fog light from the factory pocket
by removing the screw, and then unsnapping the fog light from the pocket. Now remove the two center alan head screws
from the light. Next locate the two nylon spacers included
in the hardware kit from ICI. Align the spacers over the center holes in the light housing.
Mount the ICI Lighting Solutions bracket onto the light using the screws included in the
kit. Once the lights are mounted, slide the completed
assembly into the factory light pocket. Using the hardware provided in the kit, place
the hex head bolts and washers into the slots provided in the bracket from the inside outward.
The area is very tight so using needle nose pliers will help.
Now that the light is securely mounted inside the light pocket, re-install the assembly
into the bumper. Repeat the process to install the second fog
light. Finally, wire your LED light bar and both
fog lights to the light manufacturers specifications. If you removed the splash guards, reinstall
them now. Reconnect the negative battery cable, and
test all lights for proper operation. Make any final adjustments to the positioning
of the lights and then fully tighten all mounting hardware. ICI recommends that you re-torque all mounting
hardware periodically to ensure safety and longevity of your new LED bar and mount.
ICI has OE Lighting Solutions for many other applications including Jeep, Chevy, Dodge,
GMC, Toyota and Nissan. OE Lighting Solutions can be used with all
major brand-name lighting including Rigid, Vision X and more.
Check out all of our OE Lighting Solutions at Thank you for watching.

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  1. Check out the newest product innovation from ICI… OE LIGHTING SOLUTIONS! OE Lighting Solutions are brackets that allow you to mount aftermarket lighting in your factory bumper and elsewhere on your vehicle. OE Light Solutions mounting brackets are available for all makes and models include Chevy, GMC, Ford, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan. The mounting brackets are for center grille mounts, cowl mounts, windshield mounts, fog lamp openings and more. Watch the video to see how easy it is to install these brackets at home.   #lightbrackets   #ICIusa   #aftermarketlights   #aftermarketauto   #ledlights   #ledlighting   #ledlightingproducts   #mountingbrackets  

  2. iv have and avalanche but its the 2007 Z71 .it has the square opening like the  silverado.when i replace the fog lens i had to use the silverdo lens cause there.since im going to replace them with those.can i order the silverado kit from you folks instead?.will you have a vid for the silverado soon also?thanks

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