Magoffin County Rescue Squad helps flood victims

MARKIE SPOKE TO MEMBERS OF THE RESCUE SQUAD TO SEE HOW THEY HELPED VICTIMS. OFFICIALS IN MAGOFFIN COUNTY SAY THEY ARE THANKFUL THEY SAW MINIMAL FLOODING TUESDAY NIGHT. carter “this one, even though we had some, it could have been a lot worse. ROADS FLOODED, TREES KNOCKED DOWN, AND THEY EVEN MADE SOME PRECAUTIONARY EVACUATIONS. carter “later on, we did have some requests from some people up there to evacuate them so we took our water boat and another boat and removed about four to five families, about ten people. Got them out of harms way.” THEIR MAIN CONCERN… FLOODED ROADS. craig, “slayersville probably had at least a foot. 12 inches or more over. That’s just flooding from the creek.” NOW, MEMBERS FROM THE RESCUE SQUAD ARE TAKING DONATIONS TO PAINTSVILLE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH WHERE ANY VICTIM OF FLOODING CAN RECEIVE NEEDED SUPPLIES. chris “donations have just started pouring in. We’ve had individuals bring bags of clothes. We’ve had Magoffin county rescue squad brought an entire suburban full of water, bleach, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and all sorts of stuff like that.” FROM CLEANING SUPPLIES, TO FOOD, AND CLOTHES FOR ALL AGES. MEMBERS FROM THE CHURCH SAY THEY WILL BE THERE ALL WEEK, ACCEPTING DONATIONS FOR VICTIMS OF THE FLOOD. IN MAGOFFIN COUNTY, CHANDLER MARKIE, WYMT MOUNTIAN NEWS. CHURCH OFFICIALS SAY THEY WILL BE THERE UNTIL ABOUT 8:00 EACH NIGHT AND VICTIMS CAN TAKE WHATEVER SUPPLIES STILL THEY NEED.

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