Maithon Dam 2019 | Speedboat Ride on the Dam | DVC Jharkhand | Ep. 01

Now we are entering at Maithan dam That was the gate post of Maithan dam We just enter above the Maithan dam Maithan dam’s area is really wide At one side there is always water And the other side they release water According to their convenience As you all can see at one side there is always water And on another side there is nothing right now totally dry Now its winter time its much more dry So now we are at Maithan dam’s Mousam boating ghat number 1 So lets go our boat is booked and ready We are going on a speed boat,normal boat is also available You can choose speed boat or normal boat We had speed boat at 600 Rupees(8.45 Dollars) for 3 people Whether you are 6 or 3 cost is same 600 Rupees (8.45 Dollars) The maximum people you can ride on a boat is 6 So lets go I’m damn excited about the dam So now we are at the ghat from here we will ride the boat We are getting on the ferry We will wear life jackets here You never know if any danger comes safety first Seems like bullet proof jacket Our speed boat has started woooo hoooooo Established on the Barakar River this Maithan dam has a length of 4500 m and height is approximately 50 m This river has a specialty that it has an underground power supply station beneath it It is the only one in total North-East Asia It has 12 gates this Maithan dam basically established for flood control To protect the ares beside the dam And ‘DVC’ (Damodar Valley Corporation) operates this dam As you all can see this is the Maithan dam the sideways we have showed you earlier And there are small islands in this river as usual To spend a day in this Maithan dam is really being special by this speed boat system You can enjoy it to the fullest Can you all believe we are in the speed boat in this Maithan dam Please feel it through the video What a awesome atmosphere! We can understand there is a problem of light Because we have come late In the winter the Sun sets earlier Except that i wish the view is better What is the island for?picnic?or just for show only for visit purpose Do you show the visitors the island or just roaming them around Right now it is banned.before we let them land on the islands Now we show everything by boat and let everyone enjoy boating Ok ok Where is the picnic spot here? There is a place called thada this way and that way also Yes yes There is both picnic and boating Yes yes thank you Do you charge always same? Yes How much do you charge? 600 and 800 Rupees(8.45 and 11.29 Dollars ) How much people can get on a boat maximim? 6 person Why there is 8 seat ? Seat was made Maximum 6 passenger can seat For the restriction of the administration The location of Maithan dam is 48 km away from Jharkhand’s Dhanbad districts Maithan dam is the connector of West Bengal and Jharkhand To visit with family And spend time with your special once And to enjoy the Nature this is just the best place near us out side West Bengal So please come here and visit here, So beautiful and pleasant atmosphere For picnic there is picnic spot here Can picnic there with family Basic thing is This is a decent and good place to spent and to enjoy a day To stay here, there are many government and private hotels here There are many facility’s here to stay Food,hotels everything is available here Every facility is available here to spent a day with family Raj Kachori, just look at the size it cant event fit in my hole hand

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