Major Atmospheric River Slamming the NW – Weather Forecast

good afternoon, everybody, it’s David Schlotthauer here with another detailed weather forecast for the Pacific
Northwest today’s video we’re going to be talking about the enormous amount of
rainfall falling across Oregon Washington and moving into California
over the next couple of days with the threat for some very heavy snowfall
across the Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevada mountain range over the next few
days along to go with really strong winds before we do get started with the
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we’re gonna take a look at the college of dupage satellite image right here
because satellite gives us an indication of what’s actually happening in real
time and so we got this atmospheric River this pineapple Express we call it
right because it resides from Hawaii there’s a lot of moisture out here and
this is all forming into moisture that we see here as cloud cover moving into
the Pacific Northwest lots of rain has fallen across the area
there is numerous reports I’m sure of flooding because of all the rain the
wind that’s blowing associated with this is enormous we’re seeing hurricane-force
wind gusts associated with this storm system this was going to be moving into
California and the Bay Area over the next couple of days so expect
deteriorating weather for our area as this storm gets closer and the winds
will be picking up so definitely a really impressive
storm system everyone we are talking about here and a few viewers wanted me
to kind of share that in this video so we’re gonna be taking a look at our
PowerPoint here because that’s kind of what our forecast is based off of so
there’s a couple of things you know that we want to talk about so the moisture
the heavy snow the wind that’s impacting Oregon we’re looking at near Crescent
City we’re looking at Portland Oregon these areas are really getting hit hard
today with a lot of rain wind and Cascade Mountains snow this is a major
storm on the storm impact scale for you guys living up in the Pacific Northwest
while our area this storm system will likely kind of fall apart as it gets
closer indeed in the way of amount of rainfall and the winds so we’re only
looking at a number two on our storm impact scale here for central and
northern California but nonetheless we are expecting to see between 1/10 of an
inch all the way up to about a half an inch in most areas with highest amounts
approaching an inch that would be for the North Bay and that would be for the
northern San Joaquin Valley especially probably north of Sacramento this
arrives Saturday night into Sunday night so expect again deteriorating weather if
you are headed towards the Sierra you will really want to watch this part of
the video because this is a timing of what is going to happen in the future so
you can see here for late tonight into early Saturday morning you could see the
moderate to heavy rain there have been some reports of thunderstorms associated
with this atmospheric reversal indeed really heavy rain and the winds are
blowing it’s not even good to be outside at all if you’re traveling it’s you
might want to wait and do that later on when the weather gets better because
it’s pretty stormy up there across Seattle Arlington Olympia the Olympic
mountain range getting a lot of rain this afternoon lots of wind associated
with that and then down towards the south
rain is moving eastward and moving more southward throughout the next several
hours so this is for Saturday morning continuation for that rain that wind and
also some snow for the mountain range there the Cascades the colder air
arrives behind this so snow levels right now are pretty high they’re expecting to
rapidly drop down to about 4000 maybe even lower than that as soon as a colder
air arrives behind the front or behind the storm system so you’ll see the snow
level drop there but ahead of this obviously a lot of warm air to work with
so snow levels are definitely going to be high across the high country of the
Sierra then dropping down so throughout the day Saturday
cloudy skies some increasing wind speeds out there for the sacrum Sacramento
Valley for the Bay Area Oregon it’s breezy out there again we might want to
wait into your travels after the rough weather ends so this continues all the
way until basically your Sunday morning raining across the Bay Area but the
Central Valley no rain yet so it could be a while we could be pretty dry
actually Saturday is actually not looking to being a really bad day at all
we’re looking at dry conditions across much of the Central Valley and pretty
much most of California until we get into Sunday morning that’s when the
weather deteriorates you can see also the snow levels dropping within the
front and that’s what’s gonna help weaken this front there’s not a lot of
warm air to work with as this fruit moves further south so it’s gonna kind
of disintegrate but none of the less we can’t expect some thunderstorms
associated with the front some gusty winds and some light to moderate perhaps
heavier rainfall rates as the front passes its way through but it’s fast
progression will mean we’re not looking at a whole lot of rain again between
about a quarter of an inch all the way up to an inch or so the North Bay
getting the most rain where the rain will kind of hang there a little longer
but look at that for this year are really getting hit pretty good with
white to moderate to perhaps heavy so no some gusty winds there the
backside of this front rolls through and it gets kind of windy on the backside
the winds will rapidly shift out of the West you’ll see that here okay
so as we go throughout the rest of the day Sunday here you can see how the
front then really breaks apart we’re actually looking at a pretty good day to
end to end Sunday especially kind of the early morning hours of Sunday could be
rough as we go throughout the day we’re looking at some dry conditions maybe a
pop-up thunderstorm or so across California since the air is gonna be
kind of unstable associated with that cooler air aloft rolling in so here’s a
look at the rainfall estimation forecast on the North American mesoscale model or
known as Nam for short 12 kilometer showing you the potential for rain
accumulations based on radio radar reflectivity these could be lesser these
could be more or ight refer to the National Weather Service forecast for
more details but you can see here with what the latest models do show here
right around an inch for the North Bay all the way up to it maybe even two
inches for the northwestern part of California across Northern California
such as the Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley again we are looking at between a
quarter of an inch all the way up to about a half an inch maybe a little more
with that oral graphic lifting in mind for the foothills probably about three
quarters of an inch but the rain amounts really deteriorate as you go further
south here we’re looking at between a quarter of an inch or less for Southern
California some areas here about an inch but that might be fall see models
showing that we’ll see could see a little bit more rain there for Southern
California but the further south you go it doesn’t you don’t get too much
accumulation of rainfall but that’s how the rainfall accumulations look for the
Oregon for Washington State they’re looking at rain amounts between one to
three inches additional rainfall there what has already fallen has been quite a
we’re adding more to that for the next 84 hours
so total snowfall forecast here additional snow we can say here for the
northern portion of California like like maybe Lassen Peak up across portions
thereof near Medford Oregon you can see between about one to three feet of snow
associated with this that’s where the moisture is really gonna be punching in
quite a bit but look at this year and not a lot of snow with this storm system
probably between about two to six inches a winter weather advisory has been
issued for these areas because of the amount of snowfall expected some peaks
some of the highest peaks could get close to a foot or over a foot but again
that’s up and around nine to maybe ten thousand feet high most of the moisture
falls north of Lake Tahoe and north of Sacramento all right just keep that in
mind in the grapevine down here could see probably between one to nine inches
or more so how much freezing rain and there’s a threat for freezing rain with
this because of the fact some of that cooler air could be sliding under within
while the air with the air aloft being warmer so there’s a threat for some
freezing rain with this system and if any freezing rain accumulates it will
only amount between about a hundredth of an inch to maybe about a tenth of an
inch I don’t think there’s gonna be two inches of freezing rain up there in
northern portion like reading or so that is a little way too much for California
I think we’ll see that much lesser amounts than what the models are showing
here but nonetheless a little bit of freezing rain can lead to very Tetris
road conditions all right well that’s actually before I do in the video I did
want to show you all the National Weather Service here I did forget to put
that in my powerpoint so we are going to pop that up here and we’re just going to
show that Pacific north last year this is where the most active
weather is shaping up so you can see here there is an avalanche warning I
believe that’s what this blue area here is also for northwestern Montana you’re
under an avalanche warning because of so much snow that has fallen lots of
mountains snow fall I’m just you could all agree with me on that
then all across the lower elevations such as a portland metro area also for
the Olympic mountain range and along the coast here you’re under a winter storm
warning and a flood warning and a flood watch because of all of the rain that
has just continued to fall up here there’s actually a storm warning in fact
right along the coast so giving giving you an idea how strong the winds are
there they’re gonna be continuing to be really powerful into the overnight hours
as that front continues to move south but none of the last lots of rough
weather up there I just sure hope everyone is safe everyone is leaving for
the holidays for the Christmas timeframe by the way happy holidays for everyone
here that’s watching please be safe use chains when you need them if you’re
heading across the higher elevations that will include Lake Tahoe if you’re
going across Eko Pass Donner summit please be careful out there winter
weather Advisory’s listen to the advisory and do not ignore it it’s never
good to ignore these type of weather events
all right well everybody that is going to do with this video I sure hope you
enjoyed the video if you did have a great one and like always Happy Holidays
I will try to have another upload tomorrow but I’m only going to be
available to upload if there’s any significant weather expected I should
have another US weather forecasts sometime at the end of next week but
that will do with this video have a good one everyone peace

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  1. Rain rain rain!!!! Thanks for the heads up, David. How is Santa going to make his deliveries?!

  2. Looks like Oklahoma gets a big one for new years. Another major windstorm. Central plains it looks.

  3. It doesn’t look like Fresno is gonna get too much rain ? ☁️☁️?? but that’s fine tho

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